My legs feel like they were shot

I survived the time trial. I really did. I finished in 13:06 which, while it isn’t anywhere near my best time for a two-mile race (I ran an 11:57 last year in outdoor), it was not bad for practice at the end of a long week of training. Plus, even though the massage helped a little bit, my calves are still on fire. Definitely sleeping in my compression socks tonight!

Here’s a little more in-depth review of my “race” for those of you who are technically inclined:

We did a 10 minute shakeout, stretch, and 20 minute warmup before. Then we did about 4 strides on the track and he blew the whistle to begin. My first 400 was 90 seconds, so 6 minute pace. I finished the mile in 6:22 feeling pretty good, but I started to fall fast. The girl on my team who I pace off of had caught me at this point (I go out really fast) and we worked together for the next 2 laps. By lap 6 I was dying. She took off but I tried to keep her braids as close to me as possible, and finished about 10 seconds behind her in 13:06. After the time trial we did 5×200 sprint, jogging the 200s in between, and I finished with a 10 minute cool down and 10 minute abs session.

Needless to say, I’m exhausted.

I’m pretty happy with my performance although I know I would have done better if it was in the morning. Right before practice I was starving so I ate one of these bad boys:

 My legs feel like they were shot
anything with marshmallow captures my attention immediately

I had never had one of these before but I saw them at the local GNC and the marshmallow and protein caught my eye on the packaging. It tasted EXACTLY like a rice crispie treat (with a little bit of an odd aftertaste) and it was just what I needed before a track workout… not too heavy, not too light. I will probably buy these again although Quest bars are next on my list of protein bars to try!

Definitely thought about this during practice today…

 My legs feel like they were shot
conferences here I come

Now I have a nice three day break from cross country and I get to go HOME and spend time with my family! If you didn’t already know, I’m literally obsessed with my mom. We text all day long, everyday. She’s the reason I first got a smartphone when I came to college because we were using too many of her texts and needed a way to talk for free. She already asked me what I want for dinner tomorrow night. I love going home and getting spoiled for a few days icon smile My legs feel like they were shot Guess I should get packing!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, my last post was my application for an internship in Baltimore for STX lacrosse. It’s a sports marketing internship and I would absolutely KILL to be offered the position! It’s literally my dream job!

 My legs feel like they were shot
my best friend and I like to pretend we’re lax bros sometimes…

Have a good evening!

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