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Who would have thought that at this time last week I was laying around crying over missing home and having nothing to do all day? Not this girl. I literally threw myself into my new life this week and it has been pretty awesome thus far.  In honor of WIAW, I’m documenting (some of) my recent eats for you.


Slept till 10 (I must have been really overtired), went to target for school supplies, picked up books and my new water bottle, met with my advisor to have my course overload papers signed and discuss how the intro chem class is going to be run (I’m helping her develop a new course structure), handed in my winter internship evaluations, heated my legs, lifted, ran 7 miles in the rain, forgot my watch was wrong and showed up to lifeguard an hour early, came home to shower, then went back to the pool until 9. What. A. Day.


SEE YA. And yes, I did finish a full case of water in 4 days.

So prettyyyyy. It's smaller than my old one, but it will do for now. Maybe it will slow down my water intake which would be a good thing.

So prettyyyyy. It’s smaller than my old one, but it will do for now. Maybe it will slow down my water intake which would be a good thing.


Finished the Chelsea Handler book in a day and a half. Couldn’t stop laughing the entire time.

pizza folded in half. A working girls diet.

Pizza folded in half. A working girls diet. Followed by Ben & Jerry’s cinnamon bun ice cream, chocolate milk, and green beans when I got home


First day of school! Woke up at 7:30, read blogs and ate breakfast (a new one for me, if you remember correctly)

I missed my belgian waffle maker while I was at home

I missed my belgian waffle maker while I was at home

Went to my first two classes of the semester! Tuesdays/Thursdays are going to be my “easy day” with my communications classes. First I had research methods in communication so I’m going to be writing a 25 page paper on a topic of my choice. I’m thinking it will have to do with nutrition/food/healthy living/running of some sort. My second class is pop culture. Another easy one. The best part? They’re over by 11! Usually I’ll be racing off to my internship, but this week I just get to relax until practice at 4.


An ode to my beloved Sigg and all of the beautiful ribbons that were taken from me.

I came home, made lunch, filled in my planner (does anyone else LOVE doing that?) and headed off to the weight room to lift before…a speed workout. Obviously this means I had to fuel with my favorite kashi protein and fiber bar in chocolate caramel. Oh, and because I was extra hungry, a zbar too. Good thing, since we ran 9.5 miles (5×1000 at 5K pace, 4×200 all out, and then a buttload of warmup/cool down).

Shorts in January? Scoreeee!

Shorts in January? Scoreeee!

Oh, and then another night with the nuggets at the pool while eating some cheese tortellini and green beans and TJ’s dark chocolate caramel wedges (Ice cream and cereal followed when I came home. I was a starvin’ marvin yesterday). Sometimes I wonder why I sign up for so many night shifts. Guarding from 6-9 is never a fun time. And I get to do it all again tonight, and every wednesday for the next 3 months.

How are your weeks looking so far?

I’m finally finding my groove and I couldn’t be happier. Well, I could, since I’m still missing home, but I feel like the week has been a complete 180 from last week and that’s such a great feeling.

90 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. jessielovestorun

    I used to LOVE school supply shopping. I was definitely that nerd in high school that would have everything so organized. I’m talking like I would type up all my hand written notes from class and then re insert them into my binders. lol

    Glad your feeling much better :) :)

  2. molly @ heart, sole & cereal.

    i seriously love buying school supplies. probably the number one reason i’m a teacher lol. i never want to not have a “first day of school”. and that folded over pizza looks awesome to me, now i want to have a pizza and ice cream night. i’ve never had cinnamon bun ice cream but it sounds amazing. i love all things ben and jerry’s. yummmm.

  3. HollieisFueledByLOLZ

    Target has the best school supplies ever. I agree totally. Filling in my planner is one of the most rewarding things of school I think (don’t judge me I loved to do it too). I have been craving pizza lately…I think that will be a tonight thing.

    1. pickyrunner

      I’m always craving pizza these days. I don’t get it. I really want some of the TJ’s garlic crust dough to make some. But that takes too much effort haha so frozen it is I think.

  4. allisonhayes91

    Cinnamon buns ice cream is my absolute favorite! And, um a pop culture class sounds sweet. They didn’t offer anything like that when I was in school! My weeks are good, but crazy. Super busy lately, but that’s fine by me. Glad you’re getting thr hang of it!

  5. plateitnclimb

    Hooray for an awesome first day! And being done at 11? LUCKY! I wish! My monday was busy like yours, I thought it was Wednesdays when it was all over… true story lol. I am so happy you woke up and had breakfast! I have to, it starts my day off on a tasty note! You are going to so busy this semester, but I have a feeling you are going to love it. I love the first week when I have time to relax now that I am on to my 2nd week I am in the mode of squeezing everything in!

    1. pickyrunner

      YES! Notebooks and pencils. I always look for an excuse to go to Staples with my mom. She never understood why I needed to blow $100 on school supplies every year…

  6. Sam @ Better With Sprinkles

    I’ve been back in school for a few weeks now, so I have my groove established. Right now, most days it’s wake up, relax, eat breakfast and blog/read blogs for a few hours, start homework, gym, snack, shower, homework, lunch, class, dinner, tv, homework, blog, sleep. It works for me!

  7. Megan Amraen (@megAMRUN)

    You started school so late, I’m jealous! I’m glad you’re getting back in the groove – starting school and track again will definitely help with that. I’m also happy I’m not the only one who’s waterbottle obsessed. I have to say, I’m much more of a Camelbak lover, though. I think we can make it work.

  8. Her Happy Balance

    Yay for your new water bottle! I love filling in a planner, especially when I was in college. Glad you’re week is shaping up nicely. Mine seems long, but I’m looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday!

  9. Claire

    Oooooh, cinnamon bun ice cream?! Sounds amazing! Chelsea Handler’s books are hilarious. I read them in college and my roommate used to always laugh at me because I’d just lay in bed laughing. Enjoy your week back to school girl!

  10. P

    I absolutely love filling in my planner (and crossing things off)! I oftentimes end up moving my to-do list, word-for-word to the next day though…especially on the weekends

  11. aftertheivyleague

    Love those Chelsea Handler books too! She’s frigin hilarious, I think she has 4 out? I’ve read 3 but am missing one…Yay for being back in your school routine and loving it! Oh and, I absolutely LOVED writing in my planner during my college years. I couldn’t have survived without it.

  12. Greta

    Yay! You’re back to school! Good luck with planning your routines – as far you’re doing great, especially with water and running! And the foods sound like a fairytale – gosh, I’d kill for some pizza at the moment!

  13. Molly

    You sound so happy!! That’s awesome :) And that topic for your comm research class sounds perfect. There’s SO much to say about it, you’ll never run out of resources or ideas. Health is front & center in the media right now because of the obesity crisis and Obama’s healthcare, so you’ll have no prob with this!

  14. myhighonlife

    This makes me so nostalgic for the first week of classes.. that was my favorite! Although this being my first week of a new job I can’t complain. It’s a slow transition but will really like it here :)

    Filling up my planner is the best part. I have a bit of OCD so I usually color code my planner for work, personal, blog, running, appts, etc. It’s a piece of art!

  15. chasingchels

    I LOVE filling in my planner too! Way to fuel up for all that craziness that is your schedule! I hear you on the asking why you do this to yourself with lifeguarding…do the same thing with agreeing to babysit two nights in a row during the week…not always a good decision

  16. Kaitlin

    Good job for finding your groove! Those first few days are certainly tough but it’s better :) Good luck in running! And that is one fine looking water bottle!

  17. Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    Awesome to hear that everything is falling into place for you, girlie! And I’m totally with you on loving to fill in that planner – I go all out and color code mine and everything :lol: My week? One word: freezing. Trying to stay warm in this ridiculous weather is proving to be a job and a half!

  18. Abby

    Sarah, I am so happy you’re feeling better!! Your new water bottle is super cute, too. You can’t go wrong with Lulu’s. Haha I love the pizza thing, too. Last week, my dad showed me how to eat a whole slice of pizza in one bite.Yikes ;)
    9.5 miles is what I do this week for my long run. If Sarah can run it as a practice I can dedicate my weekend to it, right? :) Inspiration, girl – I’m tellin’ ya

  19. katiemoves

    Your week sounds like mine, but not with school, with my jobs! Go to work, squeeze in a run, go to next job, possibly left. Haha crazy life!!! It’s good to be busy I guess, but by Friday I’m wiped out! Sounds like a good semester ahead :)

  20. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    I feel like I’ve said this every time I’ve commented on your posts this week, but I love that you’re feeling so much happier compared to last week! That’s so wonderful :)

    Folded pizza = genius. I want one rightnow. Also, SO JEALOUS of the fact that you have a waffle maker! I definitely do not, so my only waffle are of the toaster variety. They’re not bad…but they’re also not as good as real waffles.

  21. Caitlin

    I’d be the worst 6-9 lifeguard ever. I’d fall in the pool around 8pm because I fell asleep. Ha!
    That Lulu water bottle is so cute but I am a bad green blogger and I love using plastic water bottles. I just can’t stand drinking out of reusable water bottles and IDK why. I always feel like they are NEVER really clean or coated with something weird. I just don’t know. I try to use only one plastic water bottle a day and keep refilling it tho! And at home I use a glass (or mason jar preferably :D)
    I cannot eat pizza folded because I love pizza and if I eat it folded, that means it’s gone twice as fast! :P
    I did not like that Chelsea Handler book nearly as much as her others – have you read those? If not I recommend them because you will DIE laughing.

    1. pickyrunner

      Haha I practically fall asleep. It’s fine since they’re little prodigies so they don’t need me I guess… oops. And I used to be the same way with water bottles but my mom is horrified by my reusable habits. I’m a starving college student! I have to get new ones every couple months to keep them clean though. And I haven’t but I totally need to now!

  22. Eating 4 Balance

    Yay! Back to school :) Brings both happy and negative thoughts I bet? :)

    Your first day back sounds exhausting. But yet you got to celebrate with Ben and Jerry. That cinnamon flavor sounds marvelous!

    My weeks are looking great. Just got to do some bizx and stats homework for tomorrow. Oh, and some reading of Frankenstein and a paper due too. Good thing I have the rest of the day to work on it!

    1. pickyrunner

      Frankenstein? Sounds… fun? Hahaha not really to me but hey if you like it… And it definitely has its positives and negatives. Today was a lot of negatives due to the poor administration but overall I’m much happier in classes than not!

      1. Eating 4 Balance

        Frankenstein is a required book for class :)

        And in case you’re thinking it’s scary, it’s really not. Nothing like the Frankenstein that people have come to know through the movie adaptions.

  23. spectacuLAUR

    If i did my school supply shopping at Target every year I would have gone bankrupt. Lol! Your eats look mighty delicious! :) I’m glad you’re getting into a groove, that’s always the hardest at school!

    Also, I loved all of Chelsea Handler’s books. I laughed SO hard! If you like her books you should get the one by the Mindy comedian girl. SO funny! I forget the title but it’s something about missing out or something lol

  24. bananasforyogaandyogurt

    Snaps for groove finding! I’m hoping to be there in the next couple of weeks.
    My planner= my BFFL
    I’m glad I’m not the only one who goes through water super fast! It’s so good for you though! Crushed ice with water is my fav!

    1. pickyrunner

      I always buy pretty planners because I carry them everywhere. It’s fine, we just have a very close relationship with them. And I love water but I actually have to be careful that i don’t drink too much!


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