Nearing the end

It’s hard to believe I’m almost done. That in 48 hours I’ll be home on the couch with my family. Classes are over, finals are over, I’m done. Now all that’s left is some quality time with my best friends and to survive an 8-12 hour car ride with my dad. I kid. I’m making it sound way worse than it is. I’m just terrible at sitting still.


I saw this article on buzzfeed a few weeks about about the dos and don’t of summer vacation. I’m going to share a few with you and then I’m going to tell you that I’m probably going to break about half of the “donts”

1) Don’t swim in the middle of the ocean


… that’s going to be broken. I live on a boat, what do you expect?

2) Don’t go near the water


…are you for real? Refer to #1 and add that to the fact that I’m a lifeguard.

3) Don’t skimp on boat size.


…got that one covered.

4) Do splurge on your favorite foods.


This one will definitely happen.

5) Do get high with a hippie.


…no thanks. I don’t think hippies live in my town anyways. It’s a very nautical place. The only people getting high are pre-pubescent boys and I’m going to pass on that.

and one of my own…

6) Do spend all your free time outside.


…should be no problem. There’s not exactly a lot of inside space for me to occupy.

7) Don’t look like this


…no guarantees.

What was/is your favorite part about summer vacation?

Rants and Rambles

Lately I’ve had so many different things going on that I’ve barely had time to sit and think. Or come up with coherent posts. So instead you get my rants and rambles. Trust me, there are many more where this came from but I decided to only share a few. Otherwise we would be here all day.


Rant- when people sit down next to me in class and smell like cigarette smoke. Just ew. Please get away. I’m totally guilty of doing the awkward cough. Not even sorry about it.


Ramble– my school just created a new Goucher Confessions page. Some of them are actually so ridiculous. I may or may not have spent the majority of my nights last week stalking the page instead of studying for chem like I should have done…

facebook-trying-to-studyRant… when people tell you what you should be eating or make comments about what is healthy. No. Please don’t tell me to eat a bowl of pasta after my race to “replenish carbs” and then turn around and order a salad. There’s nothing that irritates me more and I will call you out on your bullshit. I have done it before and I’ll do it again. Woah, I just had to get that off my chest.

I am aware this is vulgar...

I am aware this is vulgar…

Ramble in Light Chemistry last week my teacher showed us this video claiming that “it’s Friday so it doesn’t really matter”. I swear we did apply it to what we’re learning.

Rant my competitive side is coming out. My brother just got his SAT scores back last week and he was only 20 points below me without even trying. I don’t know why but he brings out the most worst in me over my need to win all. the. time. Nobody even cares about the SATs anymore but for some reason I do when he’s around. It’s fine, though. I’m still up by 20. As long as he doesn’t take it again…


Ramble… I miss my cousins already.

IMG_4561Rant… I really just want summer. And for some reason I keep hoping that if I complain about it enough it will come sooner. When school gets overwhelming (like this week) I end up shutting down completely and procrastinate even more. Totally counterproductive. Everything gets done, but I fight tooth and nail to get there.


Ramble… this.

Rant- on the same line of smoky people, how about when you go running through the woods on a gorgeous day only for it to be ruined by some people smoking pot in the woods. Lovely. Just what I want to smell while I’m trying to fill my lungs with the fresh spring air. Please take your drugs elsewhere.


What are your rants and rambles?

Blogging is like High School

I’m not sure what the best way to do this post is without offending anyone but hopefully it turns out slightly humorous. If it isn’t, sorry. Well, not really, actually.

Lately I’ve been seeing some really hillarious GIFs describing what college life is like as told by Mean Girls, Easy A, Gossip Girl, etc. and I literally sit and stare at my computer screen giggling to myself like an idiot.


I thought, why not do this for blogging? We’ll see where I go with it. Right now, I have zero clue. I’m letting the GIFs direct me.

There have been a lot of posts recently about the frustrations with HLB’s. My biggest issue is that it seems like everyone is perpetually dieting. why?

When I see HLB that say something like this:


I’m like:


Then I start to doubt my own food choices before I realize: 


Which nobody deserves to experience. So I say:


But really, I don’t do this and instead I start to tell myself: 


And then:


That was a joke. I don’t really think that. I stay positive instead:


I met a few bloggers who seemed pretty cool:


Except sometimes I worry that they’ll think I’m obsessed with them:


And I’m like:


Then they start to realize:


But really, I’m better off doing my own thing:


Even if people sometimes want to be like:


I ignore them, though:


And everyone’s like:


My response is of course:


Which brings me back to this:


I’ve decided it’s fine, because:


So I retreat back to my own corner of the blog world and remind myself:


Until I find my own “clique” to form so I can be just like the big bloggers who are sometimes like:


If that ever happens, I think I might pee my pants:


But let’s be real, that will never happen.


Okay this has gone on long enough. I’m going to go hang out with my real life friends now. Yes, sometimes I do have a life outside of the interwebs. So if you don’t hear from me today, it’s because I’m living it.

Have a great weekend!