Happy Hump Day!

It’s Wednesday… that means we made it more than halfway through the work/school week! I know for me,the worst part of my week is the first half so once I hit Wednesday I’m on the home stretch.

Last night instead of writing my media criticism paper which I’ve been talking about for a few days now, I decided to take Alex’s advice and watch 90210. It was just as addicting/amazing as she said it would be. I only got to watch one episode because my computer died which meant it was time for me to go to bed but I will definitely be watching more. The show brought me back to my days of watching endless hours of the OC. It’s just another show filled with beautiful people living lives that I could only dream of having. Modern day soap opera? I’ll take it🙂


So many beautiful people…








I tried to go to bed afterwards… I really did. But lately I’ve been taking melatonin to fall asleep because it always takes me forever and I decided it was time to break up with my little addiction. I buy the chewable peppermint flavored ones at Trader Joe’s (best grocery store ever) and they taste like eating candy before bed! I swear that’s not actually why I use them… But I turned my light off at 11:30 and I was STILL awake close to 2am! I was so tired, I just have trouble turning my brain off relaxing at night. Good thing I got to sleep in until 9:30 this morning, otherwise I’d be a zombie.

Also a good thing that today is recovery day at cross-country so I don’t need to be in tip-top shape. And by recovery, I mean we have “off” so we get to cross-train on our own for 40 minutes. I hate cross-training. Absolutely cannot stand it. It hurts my knees more than it does to keep running, so I’m usually the exception to our coach’s rule and he lets me go for a short run (If you didn’t know, I stopped swimming because I had knee surgery this past year and there was actually nothing wrong with it, but it still hurts me when I swim). He sent out an email to tell us that tomorrow we’re doing a two-mile time trial on the track to see where we’re at before we go into championship season. That’s enough to get the nerves flowing. I don’t do well with speed work, let alone an actual race! I’m going to be majorly on edge tomorrow…

But whenever I start to freak out, I guess I can look at these two gems:

part 1 of 5

part 2 of 5

My lovely friends and I have a group message that we use sometimes and while I was in biochem today, I checked my phone halfway through and had 18 text messages. All from them. And that was just the first half of class. That number more than doubled by the time I was done a half hour later. The second part is in response to the nutrition talk where they talked about the importance of drinking a MINIMUM of 2-3 Liters of water daily. My friends this it’s funny that I carry my sigg around with me all day (it’s like a third arm) and drink like a bazillion of them a day (in reality- 4-5, so 4-5 liters each day). I had a really hard time going back to workbook wednesday after that.

Now I’m off to go get my little workout in before my massage tonight! Hopefully my legs won’t look like they got beat by a stick afterwards, but if it’s going to help, then I guess it’s worth it! And maybe if I’m lucky I’ll actually get my paper done at a reasonable hour so I can go back to watching 90210🙂

What’s your guilty pleasure?


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I'm Sarah, a (mostly) health-crazed 20-year old New Englander living in Baltimore. Taste buds of a 4-year old, joints of a 90 year old, brain of a chemist, appetite of a teenage boy, legs of a runner. Mindset of a Champion. Follow @pickyrunner
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