Thankful Thursday

Thanks Jessie at for such an awesome idea! I think we often forget how lucky we are and this is such a great way to reflect on what we do have in life.

a friendly reminder…

  • I’m thankful for… having such a wonderful and supportive family. Even though they’re far away from me right now, it doesn’t feel like it. Those emails, text messages, and phone calls from my parents, brother, and grandparents are just what I need to get me through tough weeks at school, mentally and physically. Without them, I’m not sure I’d make it through each week. They are constantly reminding me to relax, make time for myself, and take life one step at a time.

love me some family time

  • I’m Thankful for… having such a great group of friends. I don’t know what I’d do without them. Last night’s study session in the ath with Patrice was exactly what I needed. It made the studying seem so much less stressful (and maybe less productive) so I was able to work through it even when I was digging my heels in.

‘Cause we’re the three best friends that anyone could have

  • I’m thankful for… a team that is always positive, sometimes too positive for my liking. When the training gets tough, or life gets hard, we’re all there for each other to work together. We don’t have to do anything by ourselves. We go together in the races, no matter how tired we are.

  • I’m thankful for… having a body that is able to physically take me through the day, to classes and to practice. I’m lucky enough to have remained rather injury free these past few months despite the constant pounding on my legs. Not many people can say that a massage and an ice-bath can fix all their ailments!

these babies are so strong, they carried me 13.1 miles!

  • I’m thankful for… my parents allowing me to move on campus and pay for me to live in a condo with my best friend. It is the best decision I’ve made thus far in college and I’m so glad that they understand (and have the means to accomodate) my need for space. Without their love and support, as well as their financial ability, I would have a lot more mental breakdowns than I already do. I realize that I’m lucky to be able to afford living in such a luxurious place and I’m blessed to be able to learn to live in an apartment before I graduate, so it’s not such a shock when I’m really on my own.

That’s my Thankful Thursday! See you all in the morning for some Friday favorites🙂

What are you thankful for?

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I'm Sarah, a (mostly) health-crazed 20-year old New Englander living in Baltimore. Taste buds of a 4-year old, joints of a 90 year old, brain of a chemist, appetite of a teenage boy, legs of a runner. Mindset of a Champion. Follow @pickyrunner
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2 Responses to Thankful Thursday

  1. That’s so amazing that your parents are able to help you live off campus! I was super fortunate to have help from my grandparents when I was an undergrad. There is basically no way that you can manage a job that will pay rent and all the schoolwork. Thank God for family!

    • pickyrunner says:

      I know! I mean, they would pay for my room and board if I lived on campus too, but it is so great that they’re giving me the opportunity to get out into the real world and monitor my monthly food budget and electricity bill with them paying it so I can learn how to do it on my own.

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