Trade em Up Tuesday

I’m going to thank Alex at The Run Within for this lovely idea. Today things have calmed down a lot. There isn’t that same hysteria around Hurricane Sandy. I’m not checking the weather every 4 minutes for an update to see if it’s safe to run (it is), or if my boat in RI is getting blown away (it didn’t), or if I’m still going to have my exams tomorrow (I am).

So here goes… Trade Em Up Tuesday!

I would trade studying for these two exams right now for just about anything else. It is so hard to motivate myself to study when I could be doing so many other things. Like running. I have practice in a few hours with my wonderful team that I love so much. I would rather spend hours and hours running through the woods and exploring new neighborhoods that lay on the floor agonizing over what could possibly be on this pchem exam tomorrow. It’s terrifying to think that 90% of my grade resides in this one test. Maybe today’s speed workout will get out any of those nerves. Probably not. It will probably make them worse, since we all know how I feel about speed workouts.

I would trade… overthinking everything I do in my life. I have never been one of those people that can just be. I have to plan out everything to a T, with very little spontaneity. I hate surprises, I really do. I get anxious if I don’t know every detail, from what I’m wearing, to what I’m packing, to what restaurant I’m going to and what town the hotel will be in. I envy those people that are so laid-back and are able to just go with the flow. I just can’t.

I would trade... the next three weeks of school for three weeks at home with my family. I get homesick occasionally at school, especially when I’m stressed. These next two weeks are going to be absolutely miserable. It’s like teachers don’t know how to communicate. Or they communicate too much, and decide it would be more fun to pile it all on at the same time. I’m counting down the days until I can just sit on the couch watching Food Network with my family, planning out the next baking project, hiking in the woods, relaxing. It feels so far away.

I would trade…a speed workout for a long run. I complain about these enough, but it’s because of the pressure. A long run, I can just go. With speed workouts, there’s a watch that’s judging me. They’re so hard for me. I can’t do anything half-assed. I have to push myself to my limit and that’s what makes it so scary.

I wouldn’t trade… having awesome friends who keep me laughing, even on days when I don’t necessarily want to. Like after conferences this weekend. We got dressed up for halloween and it literally changed my entire mood for the day. I didn’t feel great but I went out anyways and had an awesome time. It’s days like this when I remember why I love my school despite the occasional doubt that creeps in. We never fail to find some way to entertain ourselves. Enter the ridiculous duck faces:

this is a joke, i promise… iphone has an app for it

Clearly only one of us is from New Jersey (hint: it isn’t me or the one in the middle).

I wouldn’t trade… living in NYC right now for living in Baltimore. We got so incredibly lucky with this hurricane. There is no damage that I can see. We never lost power. We lucked out, big time. Thanks, Sandy!  You gave me a wonderful break from life that couldn’t have come at a better time.

What would you trade?

About pickyrunner

I'm Sarah, a (mostly) health-crazed 20-year old New Englander living in Baltimore. Taste buds of a 4-year old, joints of a 90 year old, brain of a chemist, appetite of a teenage boy, legs of a runner. Mindset of a Champion. Follow @pickyrunner
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11 Responses to Trade em Up Tuesday

  1. Brittany says:

    Yay for getting lucky with the awful weather!! I love long runs over speed runs anyday! I would trade this downpour of rain for a small ray of sunshine!

  2. lizzyj1305 says:

    hehe I am guilty of often trading speed work for long runs…I just love to run forever, and I don’t love to sprint & stop🙂
    the next 3-weeks WILL fly by! hang in there, study hard, it will be so worth it!

  3. Goodluck with your exams! Studying is tough! Going with the flow, can be really awesome! But I always think my life would be smoother if I was more of a planner!

  4. Oh my gosh, 90% of your grade based on one test? Is that even legal? GOOD LUCK! You’ll do great I’m sure.
    Oh and one of my favorite things is to relax on the couch at home with my mom watching Food Network planning menus for the Holidays🙂 It feels far away, but you’ll get there!

    • pickyrunner says:

      oh no, the tests are worth 90% of for the class but we have 3 of them… soo still scary, but not quite as bad!
      Food network is the best mom-daughter bonding activity🙂

  5. Just keep your head up girl. Soon enough you’ll be home for Thanksgiving!🙂

  6. I’m glad it didn’t hit you too hard (me neither). I was the same way with studying…I lack so much motivation to do it LOL.

    • pickyrunner says:

      Seriously, though! I’d rather do just about anything than study! And all of my exams always hit me the same week making it 100x worse, so I get absolutely nothing done.

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