Post Season Mileage

Thought I’d give you all a little snapshot of my weekend before I go into the point of today’s post: mileage. I know some people get bored reading about miles upon miles of running, and other people might get bored with reading about my life (it’s not very exciting most of the time) so I thought I’d give you a little of both!

Friday night I had to lifeguard and came home to a little swimmer pow-wow with a recruit. Then went to bed early and slept until 10! That rarely happens, but when it does, it interferes with my running. Not okay with it.

making my attractive face…

Saturday after my shortened mileage (see below), I decided to help out at the swim meet to cheer on my best friends and old teammates. I’m not going to lie, it was weird being there. I was the backup timer so I could still watch and hang out with my friends, which was really nice, but it was definitely hard seeing them all doing our cheers and things. I really did love my team. Some of my favorite memories are from my time with swimming.

who wouldn’t want to dance in the hallway in a kneeskin?

Freshman year (I’m at the top of the pyramid)

I was really happy to see that my name is still on the top 10 times in history list. It was nice to know that I haven’t been completely forgotten.

friends since the beginning

actually tied for the 3rd fastest time in the 50… what is this

I’m glad I went. I felt like I was still part of the team which was really nice, although hard to not be racing with them. After the meet, the roomie and I decided to have a low-key night and hit the mall for some indulgence. Shopping and Coldstone ice cream. Doesn’t get any better than that. I got myself a little pre-Christmas present from Francesca’s Collections followed by some sugar. I haven’t had ice cream in FOREVER! It definitely hit the spot. Perfect night of roomie bonding.

birthday cake remix with sinless sweet cream ice cream? doesn’t get any better than that

little christmas themed iphone case with anchors. it basically called my name

Now onto my weekly training. Thanks to Hollie @FueledbyLolz for this wonderful idea. She’s incredible. If you haven’t read about her amazing running journey, check out her blog. I could only dream of the kind of mileage she does, and the dedication she has for working out despite being injured for two months. It’s truly inspirational.

As most of you know, this was my first week of post-season running. It was also my last high-mileage week until the end of January (I know, I want to cry about it too). I had a meeting with my coach on Thursday and he told me he would like me to take a serious break from running. I texted my mom to tell her next week I’ll be going for lots of walks with her. I’m not sure how I’m going to handle it (I’ll let you all know a couple weeks from now when I’m really going out of my mind). He didn’t tell me I couldn’t run, but I’m not supposed to be anywhere near 40. When I start back up again on a training plan, I’ll be closer to 20mpw and that terrifies me.

So here’s my last blast of running:

Sun- 8 miles

Mon-Wed- 6 miles each (18 total)

Thurs- 8 miles. This was actually supposed to be 6 but I got lost and it was pretty terrifying since I was gone well past dark. I won’t be doing that again.

Fri- 8 miles

Sat- 5 miles. I’m kind of upset about this one but my legs were feeling awful and I was late to getting to the swim meet so I cut it short. I wanted to go longer but I was clearly tired and I wanted to be ready for today, so I decided to give myself a break. I was actually going to run when there was a break in the meet but they had me working like crazy so I didn’t really have a chance. Oh well. So much for that 8-miler.

Total: 47 miles

Today I’m running a 5K (race recap coming at ya tomorrow!) and I’m really excited to see what happens. This was a high mileage week but I’ve never been in this kind of shape before for road races so it could either go really well or it could be a total disaster.

What do you do on your “off season”?

How was your weekend?

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I'm Sarah, a (mostly) health-crazed 20-year old New Englander living in Baltimore. Taste buds of a 4-year old, joints of a 90 year old, brain of a chemist, appetite of a teenage boy, legs of a runner. Mindset of a Champion. Follow @pickyrunner
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23 Responses to Post Season Mileage

  1. allieksmith says:

    Ah, the off-season! It’s such a weird time, isn’t it?! You want to relax, and at the same time you want to still train. It’s just weird!! I totally understand. I also understand how hard it must have been to watch your teammates. I think I would have a really tough time going back to a swim meet since I quit swimming after my freshman year of college. Props to ya for your good attitude <33

    • pickyrunner says:

      It’s only off season mileage for this week. Then I’m tapering way down🙂 I quit this year before my junior year so it was hard but I still have good relationships with everyone on the team so it wasn’t too bad.

  2. I can relate on the chillin’ with your old team — I used to be a competitive rower, and whenever I’m back at the rowing club or during the few times that I’ve watched them race, it’s been really, really hard. It brings back the good moments while you’re there and with them and you wonder how you could have ever left. And then it seems like all the reasons why you left come rushing back in a single instant. Have faith that your decision was for the best — don’t forget that you love your life now (your passion for running is INCREDIBLY tangible, even through something as abstract as words), and that the reasons for your decisions still stand.❤
    Oh man. These past three weeks have been my taper back. I went down to 10mpw this week (from 40) and I'm going to use the next five weeks to build it back in time for speedwork at the track come January and a "throw-away" marathon in February. I DEFINITELY needed a break (mental and physical), but I'm ready to fight back. I think that after a week, you're probably relax a bit into it. If you ever need to vent pent-up non-running anxiety, you know where to find me.🙂
    Race hard today!! Sending sub-21 vibes from here!!! xo

    • pickyrunner says:

      It sounds like you’re on the same training plan as me! It’s definitely hard but we’ll get through it! I’ll probably be at about 10miles next week so if you can do it, I can! Thanks girl xoxo

  3. Hayley says:

    I love Coldstone – reminds me of Sundays nights with my Dad growing up. As for mileage, I am no where NEAR you because I’ve never been a huge long distance runner. The most I ever really do in a week is around 20, so it blows my mind how much you run. Just remember when you are taking a “break” that it is temporary and it will be beneficial to your body in the end (I’m assuming that’s why your coach wants you to). Just be sure to replace running with other activities that relieve stress and make you happy, so you won’t miss it as much. Good luck and enjoy being home for Thanksgiving xoxo

    • pickyrunner says:

      Thanks girl! I’ll be around 20 for the next few weeks and it will definitely be nice to not be in “training” for awhile. I know I need the break so after the first few days I’ll definitely adjust🙂

  4. smellingthehoneysuckle says:

    I am soooooo jealous. Running 10 miles a week is still a fantasy and here you are doing 40+!! Well done.

  5. Meg says:

    hey chickie! youre a crazy fast swimmer! I moved from swimming for 10 years to running too so im sort of on the same page. I was just wondering what your pace is for your runs during the week or if you run old school, no tech with you…thats me!

    • pickyrunner says:

      Ha, thanks! I don’t like to wear a garmin when I run simply because I stress and end up trying to race the clock, which isn’t good for me when I’m doing higher mileage, but I do wear a watch and I know how far I’m going so I can tell what my pace is. I’m usually around an 8-minute mile, 8:30 on a slower day. I don’t really try to hit a specific pace, though. I do like to kind of wing it to some extent🙂

    • pickyrunner says:

      Also, just read the post you have on your blog and I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re literally the same person! So cool🙂

      • Meg says:

        Haha, wowie zowie, my “blog”. Thats embarrassing, my one and only post😛 but I agree, every time I read your blog I think “this girl is living my life!” Keep tromping along!

  6. Brittany says:

    Running in the dark is exhilarating and scary, getting lost though..that’s another story! I would run in any weather rain or shine to get that Coldstone though.

  7. Ive been to exactly two swim meets since I quit and for me it wasn’t weird because I wasn’t close anymore with them. I’m glad you stayed close with your team though, it seems awesome.

    • pickyrunner says:

      I think it works because that’s who the majority of my friends are. They’re the people I met when I was recruited. Now I live with a swimmer and my two best friends are swimmers so it’s inevitable that they’ll be the ones I spend most of my time with. I don’t have that same history with my xc team which is probably why I’m not as close with them.

      • That is true. My final year of swimming (I swam about 2 months my senior year) all my friends had left or quit. I had dated someone on the swim team for 3 years (broke up with him after junior year) so I no longer had him either. So basically all my friends had left, my shoulders could have possibly gotten more injured and I was very isolated in the distance lane…I swam 5 out of 8 practices by myself because my schedule was different then other distance swimmers. Don’t get me wrong-I missed the team for a while but I def know I made the right decision and pretty much kept my distance senior year. That and I met Tim, who went to our neighboring school so I was somewhat busy.

        Wow did I just tell you my life story LOL.

      • pickyrunner says:

        Ha, it’s funny how we’re almost the same person. Literally, though. I mean, a lot of my friends graduated too and I dated a guy who transferred to another school, so it made it easier to make the decision. I couldn’t imagine swimming so many practices on my own! I had to use the boys on my team to pace/motivate me!!

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  10. I just find it to be so cool that you are on the top 10 list. Coming from someone who had to cut my mileage to well 20 minute walks, I’ll be honest.. it’s hard, but you’ll really start enjoying your walks.. I promise. It takes a little bit of an adjustment, but you will be just fine love🙂

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