Can’t get enough of those miles

Copying Hollie once again with my weekly training recap. Thanks everyone for the support yesterday. My mom was actually a lot better about my running habits yesterday, although that may be because I didn’t run. She guilted me into taking the rest of the weekend off. While it does bother me that they don’t agree with my mileage, I realized that to some extent there is a little bit of truth to what she was saying. I won’t have another break until May after track season ends, so now is the time to take a real break if I’m ever going to take one. This coming up week I’m going to emphasize yoga and cross training. I know I said that was what I was going to do this week, but I’m actually going to do it. I’ve realized it’s too tempting to run an extra couple of miles a day to reach my mileage goals, so I really need to just cut it out almost completely to be successful.

Sunday– 8 mile run

Monday– 12 mile run

Tuesday-zumba and 3 mile walk

Wednesday– 4.5 mile run, 3 mile walk

Thursday– 5 mile hike, 2 mile walk

Friday– run 6 miles, walk 3 miles

Saturday– walk 3 miles

Total– 32.5 miles running, 19 miles walk, 1 hour zumba

So it was an easier week than the past few months, but it was by no means a rest week. I’m planning on going for a lot more walks (maybe even on the dreadmill), and yoga 2-3 times next week. No more than 25 miles. I’m trusting all of you to hold me to it!

The other thing I wanted to talk about was the mental aspect of sports. I’ve hinted at it before that I quit swimming largely for mental reasons, but I haven’t really gone into details. I reached a point last year where I was literally having anxiety attacks during every practice, and it was worse behind the blocks before a race. My friend literally had to come with me and dance to “All I do is Win” . The problems didn’t begin until I realized how good I could be. I had my sights set on 4 of the records at my school that haven’t been broken in 20 years. I wanted to go to nationals. I just really wanted to make a name for myself. So I started doing everything I could to help me get there, going to morning practices, running before practice, doing everything that was “right” to be fast. The thing is, all of this overthinking backfired. My times got slower, my anxiety became worse than ever. I became increasingly frustrated.

Fast forward through my knee injury, through conferences, to track. I started doing the same thing. I would run extra, eat “right” and I started losing that fun. When I start to obsess over being “fast,” I end up going slower because mentally I’ve psyched myself out.

That’s what happened this year at conferences. I had so much pressure put on me from my coach, my team, and most importantly, myself, that I lost sight of the fun. That’s why when “I’ve Gotta Feeling” came on at regionals two weeks later, I had the race of the season. I went out smiling, and I had found that love for running again. I was racing for a reason.

That’s why I go out and run 10 miles at a time. That’s what I love to do. I don’t love to race, although I’ve grown to appreciate road races. I haven’t found that passion yet, and it’s something I’m really working towards. Dancing seems to work for me. It forces me to stop thinking about the race and allows me to just have fun. 

Wow, I realized how heavy my posts have been this week. I promise you that this coming week I have some good stuff planned, and none of it is super serious. Lots of FUN!

Weekend recap coming at you tomorrow🙂 Today I’m on my way back to Baltimore for 2 weeks before Christmas!

Have a wonderful day! Make sure you get out there and run for me (if you’re into that sort of thing)!

About pickyrunner

I'm Sarah, a (mostly) health-crazed 20-year old New Englander living in Baltimore. Taste buds of a 4-year old, joints of a 90 year old, brain of a chemist, appetite of a teenage boy, legs of a runner. Mindset of a Champion. Follow @pickyrunner
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27 Responses to Can’t get enough of those miles

  1. LifeByLexis says:

    This sounds fun! Well not the anxiety ridden part of it but the way you deal with stress! Run for you and only you. While I’m not as into running as most of the running bloggers out there I still find it much easier to run for myself than anyone else.(a race)

  2. I can understand about anxiety during swim team. I literally gave myself a panic attack before swimming the 200 butterfly once…but anyways, I’m glad to know you are doing what you need to do. That is really all that matters. 🙂

    • pickyrunner says:

      Oh god I would have an anxiety attack doing 200 fly too! That was the one event I skirted my way around for 14 years haha but I think I’ve finally figured out the formula so now I just have to make it work for running!

  3. I just got back from my run before I head to school. I think it’s good that you’ll be taking a break. I can totally understand the anxiety, though. When I was training for my half marathon, I worshipped my Garmin and got mad when I wasn’t running “fast” enough. Now, I try to gage myself only based on past times. Running is such an individual sport; and it’s so much more fun when you don’t take it too seriously.

  4. Lindsay says:

    I love the quote at the end😀 I’m always in a better mood after I run!

  5. Emily says:

    That’s why its good to shake things up every once in a while! Maybe the rest break is just what you need🙂

  6. You and me both about the yoga thing! I keep telling myself [and hubby] that I need to incorporate it more but hardly ever do… I’ll look at the calendar tonight😉 Glad you got in your runs and also are able to enjoy a break period- as they always say, distance makes the heart grow fonder!

  7. Amy Lauren says:

    Not cool to feel anxious like that! Obviously everyone has some nerves before a race or meet, that’s understandable, but to the point of practically having panic attacks, you know there’s something up and when it’s not fun anymore, no use to keep doing a sport or activity. I’m glad your parents let up a little too… nothing wrong with extra cross training and yoga though, i love yoga myself🙂

    • pickyrunner says:

      I like yoga too, I just don’t see it as a real “exercise” even though I know it is. This week is definitely going to be a learning experience for me!

      • Amy Lauren says:

        I really don’t see it as that either, at least I don’t see it as a workout. I see it more as a recovery and mental health activity… also, it really depends on what kind of yoga you’re doing, some are definitely exercise but the gentle ones I do are really beginner and I just do it to stretch and relax and de-stress!

      • pickyrunner says:

        I’ll definitely be looking into the more intense classes so I can feel the burn this week! Thanks for the tip🙂

      • Amy Lauren says:

        If they have it, try Jivamutki yoga. It’s a newer yoga philosophy but it’s a bit more intense than Kripalu or Anusara🙂

  8. I got to be the same way with rowing — too much pressure on myself for results, too much pressure from coaches claiming it was “for the team”. Training through injury and far past exhaustion, in the end, it was just too destructive. Now, I’m at the point where I can’t even hear an erg (rowing machine) without getting deep feelings of panic.
    But running … it’s different. It’s just me, my shoes, and the pavement. I can choose to take it easy, I can choose to pick up the pace, I can choose to sleep in altogether or double my intended mileage. It’s all about me and how I feel. It’s not about racing and results and medals and banners and varsity funding. Running has helped me find peace like nothing else.
    I hear ya, girl! Take care of yourself these next few weeks so you’ll be good to go for the whole year ahead!!😉

    • pickyrunner says:

      It’s definitely not worth the stress. We’re lucky to have a sport that we can do for relaxation instead of obsessing over results. I definitely think it makes it easier when you don’t have coaches and teammates putting pressure on you to perform. Nobody can put more pressure on you than yourself. I don’t see myself getting in the pool for a very long time. It’s stressful enough being at the pool.
      Have a wonderful week filled with easy mileage🙂

  9. Brittany says:

    Sometimes we need to write posts a little on the “heavier” side to get everything out there! I hope they help, I know they help me! Have a safe trip and have fun!

    • pickyrunner says:

      Thanks! I agree- it is nice to be able to put it all out there to feel support from so many people who can relate. It’s definitely therapeutic Have a wonderful week🙂

  10. lifeasliv says:

    Wow, you’re an incredible runner! I would love to be able to rack up some serious mileage like you, I’m just not there mentally or physically yet. I hope you have a blast in Baltimore! I’ve never been but a couple days of snow and holiday lights sounds like a ton of fun!

    • pickyrunner says:

      Thanks! That means a lot! I don’t exactly see myself as a “runner” yet but I’m getting there. I never thought I’d say that haha Baltimore is okay… going to school there has totally changed my opinion of the city, but I haven’t taken advantage of it as much as I could so I’m going to do it all in one day this weekend!

  11. I really need to run more! Your schedule sounds great:)

  12. Don’t apologize for your heavy posts girl. They are beautiful to read, and I truly do believe that “letting things out” is exactly what we need from time to time. No need to keep it all bottled up inside you, that’ll only make things worse.

    I’m glad you are figuring out what you need to do girl. It sounds like your on the right track. Don’t be afraid to take a rest day or two, our bodies need it & trust me, it’ll thank you🙂

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