Time Capsule

Four years ago, I took a psychology class. It was one of those “Easy A” classes that everyone took because it was a fun way to finish out senior year. Four years ago, I made a time capsule in that class that would be mailed to me right around the time I was graduating from college.

This week, I received that time capsule. I totally forgot about it and my mom and I couldn’t figure out where it had come from. It was addressed to me from my grandparent’s beach house in RI that I spend time at in the summer. Looking back, I did that because I wasn’t sure if we would still be living in NH and I knew the beach house would still be around.

It was what I found inside the time capsule that really shocked me. Not only did I have letters written to me from four of my best friends and my mom, but I also had written a letter to myself and included a paper I wrote that really broke my heart. I thought a lot about the contents of the envelope and I am going to post excerpts here, because I found them really interesting.

From the paper I wrote:

My need to achieve in everything I do makes life both incredibly stressful and rewarding at the same time. Yes, I work hard. No, I don’t have a lot of free time. But the praise I get after I make my way to the top is a feeling I wouldn’t give up. To me, it is worth stressing myself out and working harder than I need to in order to achieve my goals… I look to my parents for approval. The constant desire to make them proud has consumed me. They motivate me to constantly pressure myself to succeed in everything I do.”

This made me cry when I read it. I’ve come such a long way from the 18-year-old writing this for class, but there is so much truth to it that it terrifies me. I wrote in other parts of the paper that I would feel like I was disappointing my parents if I didn’t do well in a race or if I didn’t get an A on a Calculus test. The fact that I legitimately believed that is heartbreaking.

The letter from my mom:

How old we feel with a 22-year-old getting ready to graduate college. You have made us so proud, continuing to excel at everything you do. We so hope you get that job in Boston…You know we are here for you no matter what.”

What a contrast from the thoughts I had written. My mom wrote the letter in a sealed envelope so this is the first time I’m reading it. She also mentioned them moving to Jamestown, which has always been my dream. That hasn’t changed. It definitely brought tears to my eyes.

Letters from my friends:


I guess you’ll be reading this in four years. That makes me want to look back. Do you remember…? P.S. I hope you didn’t forget me.”

I hope that everything is going well and that you are not stressing too much. Hopefully you have graduated college instead of dropping out to be a (insert bad word here that give me a lot of spam). HAHAHA…I hope that college went well and that you had a few drunken nights. Even though I doubt it.”

I hope that you are happy where you are at this point. I bet you rocked college and a couple of boats at the same time. You are probably a rocket scientist, literally… I really hope you’ve had a drunken night or at least some fun at some late nights…When you read this CALL ME that would be a blast just because you will laugh at my bad decisions.”

It’s funny that some things haven’t changed a bit, and also kind of sad that I was looked at as the girl that stressed myself out so much that everybody around me knew it. I smiled at some of the memories my friends shared, teared up at others, and shared others with my mom cracking up. Especially those drunken nights- clearly my friends knew me well ;)

And lastly, from myself:

“…Do you remember…? They say our life is shaped by our past events. I wonder if these events truly did shape the person you’ve become, or if they were bumps on the path to finding out who you truly are…Maybe you won’t be a picky eater anymore. I hope life is everything you expected it to be and more. Who are you? Do you drink alcohol now? Did you find the guy of your dreams? There are so many unanswered questions…For you, this letter is all history. For me, it’s my future.”

That was a strange letter to read. Most of it isn’t actually relevant to my life anymore and were things that I thought would matter and didn’t. Reading these letters and messages from myself and my friends and family were really eye-opening. I’m so glad my teacher had us do that project four years ago, and I’m so glad I’m not the person I thought I would become today. Although I am still a picky eater. Too bad.

The girl that wrote that paper and those letters is still here. But I’d like to think I’ve come a long way since the time I used to spend obsessing over every minute detail of my life to the point where I felt like I was letting everyone around me down. Reading those letters was a big wakeup call. I don’t want to be remembered as the girl that spent her life stressing over homework assignments and flip turns. I’m not that girl anymore. There are still traces of her, but she has evolved into someone who understands that there is so much more to life.

Have you ever done something like this and created a time capsule? 

What did you think you would become when you were younger?

TOL: Catching Up

What. A. Week. I feel like I haven’t gotten to sit down and write a post in forever. And that’s because I haven’t. Everything that has been up since Thursday was pre-written (minus Monday’s post but I did that in spurts). While it’s nice when I’m too busy to be at my computer, I miss being able to sit down and really interact with bloggers. That’s my favorite part about blogging. Even though this week/weekend/next week/the next month is going to be crazier than ever, I am doing my best to keep up. I miss it! So thanks Amanda for hosting my favorite linkup, thinking out loud.

1) The marathon. Ho-ly crap. My aunt and I headed over around 10am and were on the corner of Newbury and Hereford, about a half mile from the finish. We were in the front row of people so we had no problem seeing everyone come through. I’ve never been so inspired in my life. I’m pretty sure I teared up a few times, especially as the runners came through pushing people in strollers. Talk about amazing.


2) Lauren! I tracked her on my phone all day Monday jumping up and down as she passed through the different points on the course. We have been planning for weeks to get together so I met her for breakfast Tuesday morning before she had to go to work. I can’t wait to be back in the area so we can hang out all the time. Sadly, we committed a blogger sin and forgot  to take a picture. Oops.

3) November Project. I don’t want my new tribe to hate me, but I have to say Baltimore felt more welcoming to me. Maybe it’s because I’ve been going for three months, or because there are only 20ish people as opposed to hundreds, but I am partial to my roots. That being said, I can see November Project Boston growing on me and I think it will quickly become a very large group of friends for me.



4) Running in Boston. I got to Boston a little early on Tuesday so I had about 20 minutes to kill before Lauren got there. So I did what any normal person does and ran. I had another half hour before my interview after breakfast so I went for another 20ish minutes. And changed in a Panera so I could look like a real person instead of the sweaty mess I usually am. Of course, my awkward self decided to admit that in the interview. They’re runners, they understand.

5) November Project. Going to November Project in Boston made me appreciate my Baltimore tribe even more than I already do. I can’t describe how excited I was to get my butt kicked again. This week the theme was #bmore_ridiculous. Unfortunately I left my tutu at home so I just tried to wear as many colors as possible. It felt good to be back.

1609824_708553625875145_1259228851166811309_n 10152554_708553472541827_50073209969704152_n

6) Work! I missed the store so much this weekend. My friends kept texting me pictures asking where I was to put the shoes away. I get to work FIVE days this week (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday). I’m making it impossible to leave this place.

7) My phone has been having problems. Again. It’s practically brand new, too. For some reason, I’ll send a text message but then it deletes itself, so I get offended when my friends don’t answer my texts, but apparently they don’t always send. So if you’ve texted me and I didn’t respond, I apologize. I swear it’s not my fault.

8) Every time I go home, my addiction to Candy Crush comes back. I’m now on level 158. Do not judge me. I deleted it on my phone but I’ve been playing on my iPad way too much lately. It’s getting out of hand again…

Maybe this will help with the whole job hunt thing?

Maybe this will help with the whole job hunt thing?

9) This week has totally thrown me off. Because my week started Wednesday, I have no concept of what day we’re on. Thank god tomorrow’s Friday, that’s all I can say. It’s alumni weekend here so a lot of my former swim friends are back in town which means I’ll most likely be dragged out to the bars. Once in a blue moon opportunity, and probably the last for the semester. I’m seriously turning into a grandma.

I usually like to end on the number 10 but my brain has turned to mush. I feel like I had so much to catch up on, but then suddenly I couldn’t remember anything I wanted to add. Oh well. Less reading for all of you.

Does anyone else have problems with the iPhone 5 not sending texts?

What’s your random?

Who has fun weekend plans?


I have a few things to share with you guys today. Tribesports asked me to partner with them in a new campaign they’re having, #RunWithMe. I immediately accepted because I think it’s a great way to bring together the running community from all over the world.

As you can see below, Tribesports created my own personal GIF. I know how much we love adding them to our blog posts, and they have created an entire page dedicated to our running stories. They asked me to send them 5 pictures that represented my running story and they would put it together for me. You can do the same by following the instructions here!
RWM_red (2)

I thought I’d share a little bit about my running story through the pictures I sent in. This is from the email I sent to Salty of Salty Running because I had the “Comment of the Week” last week on a blog post written by one of my best friends and former training partners, Christine!

I began running when I was 8 years old with Girls on the Run. My parents were both runners and signed me up because it was a good way to learn important life lessons such as bullying and body image. I didn’t love running at all but I enjoyed the program so I continued on with my competitive swimming career for 15 years, through my sophomore year in college. I dabbled in track and cross country starting at the end of high school to stay in shape for swimming during the off season. My parents weren’t big on me doing the same sport year-round so they always emphasized the importance of balance. 
When I moved to Rhode Island after I graduated high school to live on my family’s sailboat, I no longer had access to a pool and I needed to be ready for my freshman year of collegiate swimming. This is where running really picked up for me and I fell in love with it. I continued running until swim season started and then walked on the track team in the spring to stay in shape. I started out as a mid-distance runner but my coach realized I was stronger as a distance runner and put me in the 5k. 
I raced my first half marathon the following summer, went back to swimming where I suffered from a knee injury that required surgery, and was running again a month later. I was still having knee problems in the pool so I decided to quit swimming and run 3 seasons for my school where I shifted my training to the 10k. Ultimately this led to a string of calf problems and I ended up having to quit cross country and track to focus on getting healthy. Now, I’m a Girls on the Run coach, I work at a running store, and I’m slowly coming back to running again and have a bunch of races on the horizon that I’m determined to be able to do.
In addition to the GIF, Tribesports sent me one of their running kits to review. It happened to come on a running day for me, so I was excited to try it out. Please excuse my messy bedroom, mismatching socks, awkward pose, and overall sweatiness.
Top: It was kind of an awkward fit for my body. I don’t have a very large upper body but I felt like the arms were pretty fitted, moreso than the rest of the shirt. I also prefer v-necks so the neckline was a little high for my taste. But it was still a comfortable shirt and I liked the material of it. It’s super soft and even has some ventilation in the armpits and down the sides which is a win, especially as we enter the warmer months.
Shorts: The shorts were unique for me. I’m used to wearing ones that have the built in underwear and I’m partial to the Nike tempos. That being said, these 2-in-1 shorts were actually really comfortable. The spandex didn’t ride up a lot and I actually really did like the design of them. Color-wise, it’s not what I would have chosen, but I can’t live in pink and blue running clothes forever. I didn’t love the waistband. I felt like it came up too high and when I folded it over (as seen in the picture) the shorts ended up being pretty short. I didn’t have a problem running in them like this though so when I wear them from now on, I will be folding over the waistband. Overall, they were very comfortable and they will most definitely be a running staple.
The coolest part about Tribesports is that they take user feedback seriously. They’ve even created a survey here where you can give your own insight about fit, colors, and products that they should sell!
Disclaimer: I was sent the running outfit to review but was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.
What’s your favorite color of running clothes?
Share a part of your running story!


Today I’m sharing a post that I wrote for the November Project Blog. It was published last Friday but I wanted to post it here too since I never really talk much about November Project other than how much I love it.

I originally saw November Project creeping up on my twitter feed from some people I know in Boston. Then it showed up in Runners World. Next thing I know, I’m getting tweets from people telling me that a tribe was starting in Baltimore and that I just had to go when I returned from winter break. I felt like it was haunting me. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to go. I was positive it wasn’t something I was going to enjoy. I didn’t know what it was, but I had it in my head that my endurance running self wouldn’t like the workouts.

I must have been running so fast my legs disappeared?

I must have been running so fast my legs disappeared?

I was wrong. So very wrong. Showing up at 6:30am on January 29th was one of the best decisions I’ve made since coming to Baltimore four years ago. I remember running up the stairs in the pitch black as I arrived with a group of random strangers cheering for me. I thought it was kind of odd, and even odder that they all started hugging me. I should probably mention that I’m not a hugger. At all. My friends are constantly making fun of me for my lack of human contact. At November Project, I had a choice- either learn to enjoy hugs, or look like the jerk that doesn’t want to make new friends.


Needless to say, I started to enjoy being greeted by my fellow tribe members with hugs at the crack of dawn. It made the 5:45am alarm and the 20 minute drive bearable. I actually began looking forward to Wednesdays, even counting down the days until the next one. There’s something that kept me coming back for more each week, and it certainly wasn’t the workouts. As someone who has been an athlete for my entire life, I couldn’t imagine getting a “good” workout in with just 30 minutes. Wrong again. Never underestimate the power of burpees.


All of a sudden I was being tagged in tons of pictures every week on Facebook that started a string of questions from my coworkers and my friends at school. What is November Project? Why is it called November Project? When is it? Where is it? Why do you get up so early to work out? My answer to every single question: #JustShowUp.


It wasn’t until I started spending time with my newfound November Project friends outside of the Wednesday morning workouts that I realized how great it was. Suddenly we were going to Tight Club at Lululemon on Friday nights, running races on Saturday mornings, and meeting at a bar on a Sunday night instead of writing lab reports so I can graduate. I finally found a group of people who are just as crazy as I am- they love to run, they love to talk about running, and they don’t mind getting up at the crack of dawn to exercise. They are the friendliest people I’ve ever met; everyone has a story to tell or advice to give. I started looking forward to spending time with these people I barely know, or in some cases have never met before in my life.


Almost three months later, I’m still attending November Project every week. I’ve only missed it three times since my first week: the first time the roads were too icy to drive downtown, the second I was home for spring break, and the third I got a flat tire at midnight the night before. I seriously contemplated taking a taxi the third time but I doubted my parents would warrant the large credit card bill an “emergency.” I’ve grown to love the tribe. It’s truly a family. It is one of the few things that I will miss about Baltimore (tied only with the running store I work at) when I move home in about a month, and I know I’ll be back to visit. The best part about moving to Boston is that I know I’ll have another November Project family ready for me with open arms. Literally.

I got my first taste of November Project Boston yesterday!

I got my first taste of November Project Boston yesterday!

After tomorrow I only have 4 weeks left with November Project Baltimore. I’m trying not to count down, but to make the most of each day I do have with them. Before I met these people (and my coworkers), I was excited to leave Baltimore and never come back. But now, I know I’ll be back. I’ll just have to do my best not to compare what I’m used to in Baltimore with what will become my new normal in Boston. Because yesterday, I was doing a lot of comparing. The verdict: I missed Baltimore.


I will forever wear my November Project gear with the crab on the front to represent my original tribe

I’m leaving behind a tribe, but I’ll still have a family here, one that I’ll miss very much when I’m gone. 

Marathon Monday

Happy Monday! It’s truly a marvelous one for me. I’ve been so busy this weekend I might as well have run the marathon- but I’ll leave that to the people who worked their tails off for months or even years to get to where they are today.


Friday I got some good news back on an exam- my highest chem grade since Freshman year. I rarely talk about grades but my classmates and I are used to getting 60s on exams (with a huge curve at the end) and suddenly I’m acing thermo? All the late night studying is paying off. I went to celebrate with Tight Club before my flight. I expected us to do about 2 miles per usual so I did 3 before but we ended up doing 5.5 for 8.5 miles total. Although it was pain free, I know my body isn’t ready for that kind of mileage right now, but it was so much fun, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.


I almost missed my flight because Tight Club went so long, but I made sure to stock up on giant pizza slices and an oreo milkshake. I got to watch some of the Navy guys getting off the flight before mine. It was pretty emotional especially because a close friend of mine just got off deployment that morning. So excited to see him in a few weeks.


There was another one under there but I could only finish one

something was up with my stomach because I couldnt finish this either. I dont know what was wrong with me.

I couldn’t finish this either. I don’t know what was wrong with me.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early despite getting home at midnight so I went for a walk with my mom before zumba at my gym. It’s the time we have our best life chats. I then stopped to watch some of my friend’s lacrosse game in Boston. His mom is our family photographer and I couldn’t make it to my brother’s game, so this was a close second.


I went straight from his game to Reebok Fit Hub. Caitlin and I took a cardio kick class with Eliza that I would highly recommend. I was so sweaty by the end and I loved that it was a combination of cardio dance with some of the more traditional kickboxing moves. I even won a headband in the raffle! I can’t wait to attend more events like this when I’m (hopefully) living in Boston soon. Whether that’s in a month from now or not until September is still a debate.




I finally had some time to relax Saturday night with my family, eating steak for the first time in a month, and watching a movie. My dad actually stopped to look at me and said, “What’s under your eyes?” It took me a minute to realize he meant the dark circles. They get really bad when I don’t eat red meat at least once a week and I’m so behind on sleep that it just makes it worse. I need to be better about making my health a priority.

I of course had to eat some of the local delicacy aka Hodgies aka the greatest ice cream ever invented. It’s the only place I’ve ever found chocolate marshmallow ice cream with actual chunks of marshmallows, not just a swirl. Dying.

my brother thought he was being funny taking a picture of me snapchatting

my brother thought he was being funny taking a picture of me snapchatting

Sunday was Easter so that was spent doing Easter/Family things. Like eating candy and snickerdoodles and plain pasta because I’m a 4-year-old and don’t like normal Easter foods. And a longggggg walk on the beach with my family before I headed to Boston with my aunt.


My aunt lives right off Newbury Street so we were in the middle of the action. We went to the finish line, the expo, and Niketown where I ran into Smasheton totally randomly! I didn’t see any of my other blog friends or mizunozach which was a letdown but otherwise It was a surreal experience.


Today is a big day. MARATHON MONDAY. And my first experience with November Project Boston (hence why I stayed in the city last night) My aunt and I are finding a spot to watch the marathon from and I’ll hopefully catch up with a few friends while I’m here. I’ve never gotten to watch it but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I used to be so jealous of my mom when she’d take the day off work and drive down. Now it’s my turn.


I won’t be around blogland today (see above reasons) or tomorrow because I’ll be back in Boston, watching my brother’s lacrosse game, flying back to school, and working tomorrow night, but I’ll catch up. I’m excited to get back to the store and November Project Wednesday morning. I’m finally starting to like my life at school. Ironic since it’s almost over.

Do you/have you watch(ed) the Boston marathon?

What was the highlight or your weekend?

Was the Easter bunny good to you? ;)

A training recap? For real?

I never thought I’d be publishing one of these again but here I am. I like looking at my workouts for the week. I use dailymile and I typically have an idea of what I’m going to do at the beginning of the week, but as I start building up my mileage again it’s nice to be able to reflect on here about how I’m feeling and really pinpoint where the problems are when I start to get aches and pains.

This weekend looks a little different than normal because I’m home for a few days.

Mon- Pilates + 4 miles. I was still pretty sore after the race on Saturday, but after feeling better at Rev Cycle on Sunday, I knew a run would help loosen me up. Plus, we had our practice 5k at Girls on the Run so I did some laps with them and then went home to do a short run of my own and try out some gear that TribeSports sent me.


Tues- OFF. The rainy weather made it perfect for a rest day.

Wed- November Project (4ish miles). We did a lap around the track, then all of the stairs (about one length of the track) repeated for about 35-40 minutes. I pushed it to keep up with the guys and was dead by the end when we did 3 minutes straight of squats to “Sally”. Hurts so good.


front and center

Thurs- Run 4.91 miles. It was absolutely perfect running weather. I couldn’t not go.

Fri- Pilates + Tight club (5 8.5 miles total). Pilates is an academic class for me at school but we do about 45 minutes to an hour of work on the machines Fridays, and with the mats on Mondays. I went to Tight Club with November Project people Friday on my way to the airport so I came home a sweaty mess. I did 3 miles before because I thought we were going to do 2 miles like normal, but we just kept going and going for so long that I almost missed my flight. I’m sorry for the people that got to sit next to me on the plane.

my beautiful new mizunos

my beautiful new mizunos


Sat- Walk w/ mom, Zumba + Blogger Cardio Kickboxing class at Reebok FitHub. I wasn’t about to miss zumba with my favorite instructor of 6 years (!!). My parents got me a class pass for my birthday so I could go to the gym when I’m home on weekends/before I leave for the boat this summer. I was also invited to a cardio kickboxing class at Reebok which I’ll recap soon but it was a ton of fun and I was able to catch up with Caitlin.

Photo courtesy of Eliza's instagram

Photo courtesy of Eliza’s instagram

Sun- Walk on the beach with my family. Gym classes are cancelled for Easter which is probably for the best. My body really needs some rest. I know I’m going to be so sore today.

Mon- NOVEMBER PROJECT BOSTON <— My plan for tomorrow. I’m so excited.

Liebster from Boston

Okay, so I’m not exactly in Boston yet, but I will be as of 10pm tonight. I have the craziest weekend planned and I can’t wait to report back on everything. Lots of blog things, blog meet ups, family time, interviews, and obviously food and workout classes. Basically all of my favorite things in my favorite city all rolled into 4 days.

Since I’m drowning in packing, lab reports, Tight Club with November Project, and getting my life together before I leave for a few days, I thought I’d take the opportunity to answer some questions from one of my new(ish) favorite bloggers, Will Run For Boston! I can’t wait to hang out with Lauren on Saturday and then watch her kill it in the marathon on Monday. Everyone should send her good luck!

  1. What is your favorite sport to watch on TV/in person? Gymnastics or swimming. I know swimming is the most boring sport ever to those who don’t have a history with it, but for someone like me who grew up with it as my primary identity for 15 years, I love it. And everyone loves gymnastics, so that’s a cop out answer. I could also say lacrosse, but I only like watching people I know, like my brother or my friends. Yesterday I went to the game that was dedicated to the player who died this week at my school and I teared up when they scored the first goal. It was such an uplifting game and they won 14-5.
  2. 1902059_10152772825337786_7902566882102684193_nPancakes, waffles or french toast? PANCAKES. And waffles. And french toast. But mostly pancakes if I’m at a restaurant or my dad is making them (aka the only two times I ever eat them). I’m way too lazy to make them on my own, but now I’m thinking that I know what I’ll be having for breakfast at least one day while I’m home…47649_455545437841520_1928547120_n
  3. Do you have any interesting nicknames? Not really. I’m kind of boring. You can only make so many nicknames out of “Sarah” although some of my friends from track used to call me “SarPar” because our school usernames combine the first three letters of your first and last name.
  4. What is your biggest running related goal? I want to finish a marathon someday. I want to run Boston someday. I will run Boston someday. But first, I need to get/stay healthy, which is my primary focus right now. You can’t make it to the starting line if you’re injured.10250127_10202002417085105_5870418284134751785_n
  5. Do you run before or after work? I prefer running in the mornings. By the time I get home from school/work, I’m either starving or exhausted, usually both. I like to start my day doing something I love.
  6. What was your high school mascot? Blue Hawks, about as cliche as it gets.197960_1004745882021_1989_n
  7. Have you ever lived in another country? I lived in Denmark a couple summers ago during my study abroad. I loved everything about that city, especially how active it was, and I wish it wasn’t so far away or else I’d live there. I was hoping to make it back this summer on my family’s trip to Europe but apparently it’s too far from Barcelona and Paris.525069_3435728015055_177511916_n
  8. How many alarms do you set in the morning? One. I’m a morning person. Once I’m up, I’m up. It hasn’t failed me yet…
  9. What are your top three pet peeves? My most recent one is when I’m having a conversation and people are on their cell phones. I’m hanging out with you for a reason. The second would probably be dishonesty. I tell it like it is, that’s how I am. Lastly, when people who are on their phones 24/7 don’t text you back. Don’t even try to pretend you “just saw the message.” I know how you are. Clearly communication is on my mind at the moment.
  10. How do you feel about the new “Girl Meets World” show? This just reminded me that I need to go watch the trailer for it so I can see what it’s going to be like!

I’m not going to nominate people because I don’t play by the rules of blogging, but go ahead and fill it out yourself or answer a question or four below! The next time we chat, I’ll be in New England :)

So many thoughts

This week has been all over the place in terms of thoughts, emotions, and the like. Thursday is the perfect day for Thinking out Loud because by then I have so much built up in my head, I just need to spew it all out in numbered form. I also have some blogging business to take care of (whatever that means). So once again, let’s thank Amanda for this one!


1) Your comments yesterday blew me away. It’s strange not knowing someone personally yet still feeling that connection. I guess it’s part of going to a tiny school, or just being a human. It was hard to shake the emptiness for a few days and classes were much quieter than usual with everyone mourning the loss. Hard for anyone to deal with.

2) I met up with a former swim captain for lunch on Monday to talk about post-grad life. She happens to be in a position right now similar to what I’m gravitating towards and I wanted to chat with her about whether or not she felt like it was the right career move for her. It was really helpful to hear her opinions and try to sort everything out. I feel like everyone has a different opinion about what I should be doing, but she helped reiterate that in the end, it’s about what is going to make me happy.


and apparently looked like a bumblebee while doing it

3) On the topic of careers, I’ve reached out to a few people in the blog world and I’m overwhelmed with how helpful they have been. CaitlinJonathon, and Caroline have been especially supportive. I never imagined that starting a blog would lead me to this many people who can help me figure out what I want to do and how to do it, but it truly has. That being said, if you know of anyone in sports/fitness marketing positions in the Boston area, please let me know so I can grill you for more information ;)

4) November Project love. Always. I wrote a blog post for them that will be up soon and I’ll be sure to share it. It’s seriously one of my new favorite things about Baltimore. I’m not ready to say goodbye, so I’m going to make the most of my last 5 weeks with them.

10175985_704429562954218_7543205001516826589_n 1912303_704429669620874_8657216512714446805_n

5) This happened the other day. Yep, no shame. Rumor has it Mizuno is going back to the design of the last model of the inspire, so I have about 8 months until I will be able to buy them again. I’m about 80% sure the inspire 10 contributed to a lot of my calf injury, and I enjoyed the elixirs (which are now discontinued), so I found a pair online to avoid having to switch brands entirely.


they’re so pretty!

6) I was given the chance to try Altra zero drop shoes through my ambassadorship with Zooma but I have not run in them. In full disclosure, I don’t think I will only because of my injury history. Despite how comfortable they were when I put them on, I could tell immediately that my calves would hate me afterwards. I’m not willing to put myself through another 3 months without running (which is going well, by the way!). So if any of you have tried them, let me know if you like them!


7) It is not too late to come and run with me in Boston June 6-8! Since the marathon is right around the corner, I thought it would be a good opportunity to remind you all that the Heartbreak Hill Runner’s World Festival is coming up soon and it is going to be an absolute blast. Bart Yasso and Shalane Flanagan will be there if that’s any motivation for you. There are a bunch of other (way bigger) bloggers going with me and I can’t wait to meet everyone! Plus, I’ve never run back to back races (5k and 10k), and a half marathon the same weekend as other races. Given that I’m just starting to run again, I’ll need all the support I can get. The more running buddies I have the better :)


You can use the following codes to get 10% off your entry:

5k & 10k: blogpickyrunner5&10

Half marathon: blogpickyrunnerHalf

All three races: blogpickyrunnerHat

8) This week has been kind of relaxing after the chaos of the last few. I was in bed before 10pm every night, only worked one night, and didn’t have any homework after Sunday (besides studying for marketing which I didn’t start until last night… oops). But the next few weeks will be chaotic working 4-5 days a week again. I swear I’m not insane. I just want to make the most of my last month at the store. I literally almost started crying thinking about it last weekend and I’m not an emotional person at all.

9) I can’t believe I’ll be sleeping in my own bed tomorrow night. Is it weird that I consider home my own bed, but not my apartment at school? Just one more day of classes, Tight Club, happy hour, and one-hour flight stands between me and being home for 4 whole days. I plan on going to my favorite ice cream place at least 3 of those days. It just opened for the season and I need some chocolate marshmallow back in my life again.

Are you running Heartbreak Hill Boston with me in June?

Has blogging done things for you that you didn’t expect?

Life is Short

Over the weekend, a lacrosse player from my school was hit by a car. He died on Monday afternoon. I go to a very small school (1,500 students). An event like this hits every single individual personally.

While I did not know him personally, many of my friends did. I’m close with both the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams. My friends were in his classes. I have been in the weight room with him. I’ve walked by him on the way to class. I’ve been at the lacrosse parties. Even though I may have never interacted with him on an individual level, the impact of the email from my school’s president hit me deep in the core.


Being in class with people who were directly affected by this student’s death was a sobering experience. I don’t consider myself to be highly emotional, but hearing what happened caused me to tear up on more than one occasion. It also made me want to be with my family even more than I already do. Life is too short to not be surrounded by the people you love.

And although I didn’t post about it yesterday, Boston was of course on my mind. I had planned to be at the marathon this year before the events of last year happened. I’m thankful I was in Missouri last year and unable to go (I was originally going to) because I can’t imagine what that would have done to my parents. The fact that someone decided to place those two backpacks at the finish line last night sickens me. This year is the year for Boston and runners alike to show everyone how resilient they are. For people to try and take that away for the second year in a row, most likely as a sick joke, makes me angry.


Boston is my city. I may not have grown up in the center of it, but it feels like home. It has that effect on so many people, whether they are originally from there or not. What happened last year at the marathon is significant, but what is more significant is the way Boston bounced back. Everyone near and far formed a special bond to make Boston a place that people could feel safe again, and the outcry of support is unparalleled.

This week was an emotional one for so many people. Events like these are devastating. Events like these bring people together. Events like these make us stronger. But more than anything, events like these are further reminders that life is too short and that we all need to tell friends and family that we love them, hold them close, and cherish every moment we do have. Because you never know when something could happen.

Sole of the City 10k Recap

Another race, another recap. It’s weird to suddenly be back writing almost weekly race recaps again. I have another race in two weeks, and possibly a half a couple weeks after that if I’m feeling ready for it. I’m taking things day by day, week by week to make sure none of my calf problems come back. But that probably deserves its own post.

As I mentioned yesterday, I ran this race for the running store I work at. I had been signed up for months and was praying to the high heavens that my leg would be healed by then. Luckily, it was and I was able to run.


I picked up my race packet at work on Thursday before the race and chatted with my favorite person on the events team. I noticed that my packet had a smiley face on it and I thought he had drawn it on there since we have become friends over discussing injuries/races. Then I went to “brag” about it to my friend and it turned out that every employee got a smiley to distinguish them from the other 4,000 entries. I guess I’m not as special as I thought.


race premium- under armour quarter zip

race premium- under armour quarter zip

Fast forward to Friday night at tight club with Christine and November project. We did a short run with some stairs thrown in for good measure. It wasn’t enough to fatigue me, but I think I’m better off laying low the day before a race. Christine and I had dinner at Wegmans, and as I said yesterday, I definitely didn’t eat well for the night before a race. I went to bed feeling pretty full of pizza and sugar. I’ve never been one to notice an effect on how I feel based on what I eat, but this time I did. I know I perform better when I’ve eaten protein such as steak or chicken with pasta the night before. It’s basic nutrition. Do I regret it? Not at all. Whoopie pies are delicious.

I mean really, who would pass this up?


I woke up still feeling pretty under the weather from terrible allergies, a heavy meal the night before, and about 6 hours of sleep. I didn’t eat anything because I wasn’t hungry and I rarely fuel before running because I get cramps. I got to the race at 7:15 for the 9am start because they made it sound like parking would be terrible. I got there and there was hardly anyone there other than the people I work with. I chatted with the managers, texted my mom, and walked around for awhile until it was almost time to start. Looking back, I should not have been on my feet for 2 hours. I should have found a place to sit down and let my legs rest.

This is my new favorite picture

This is my new favorite picture. I love my job I love my job I love my job.

Right before 9, I found some people from November Project, took a picture, and headed to the starting line. They kept me laughing until the gun went off. My first mile was a 6:59, too fast. It felt more like a 7:45 mile- I felt sluggish, tired, and all around terrible. Mile two was also fast (7:15). I was hoping I would shake the tired feeling but it kept getting worse. I caught up with Lauren around this time for about two seconds before I could no longer maintain that pace.

This was actually from after the race but you get the point

This was actually from after the race but you get the point

Mile 3 was 7:45- probably where I should have been for the first two miles as well. I knew the second half would be a struggle- and it was. What I didn’t know was that the rest of the run was a steady uphill climb. It was also incredibly hot and my legs felt like lead. I don’t remember my mile splits for 4-6 but they were definitely in the mid to upper 8-minute range with the water stops.

From the hot chocolate race which I felt much better for

From the hot chocolate race which I felt much better for

I finished right around 50 minutes (8 minute pace) and have never been so happy for a run to be over. Even though it was nowhere near a PR (43:00 track, 45ish for road), I felt like I worked hard. I have never felt so nauseous and dizzy after a race before and I had to sit down because I was legitimately concerned I would pass out. I think it had a lot to do with the warm weather that I haven’t adjusted to yet.

I realize I’m just coming back from an injury, I’ve barely run in the last 4 months, and I didn’t prepare well for this race with food, sleep, or rest. I wasn’t expecting to PR and I didn’t. I ran because I love my job at the running store, they put on some of the best races, and I love to run. That’s it. I’m not upset about my time, I don’t regret running the race, and I finished pain-free in my calf. That’s more important than any PR.

Now I have two weeks to get back into a semi-decent running schedule before my next race- a 5k for PlowOn Gum where I will hopefully run a more consistent race.

What is typically your primary goal for a race?