Training 5/17-5/23

Sun– 13 miles biking

I was up in Pennsylvania with KBT and we rode around his mom’s house. It was EXTREMELY hilly and I thought my legs were completely shot from running so miles the week before, but it turned out somebody had forgotten to adjust my gears back to normal after he finished fixing them… no wonder i could barely make it up any of the hills.

Mon– 11.16 miles @ 7:45 pace

I wasn’t sure how far I was going to go, but it looks like Monday’s will be my long run day. I wore my Garmin to see how far I had run. I haven’t really used it much since last September so I’m trying to find out the distance of my standard routes (I have about 3…). I had no idea I was running this fast. THe first mile my legs felt like lead but I still ran a 7:50, then when I thought I was consciously trying to slow down, my pace dropped to 7:40, and even 7:31 at one point. I won’t be doing this often because I’m just going to end up injured if I continue running that fast. I have no idea what “normal” is for me anymore though, so it could be that I’ve been running those paces for awhile and had no idea.

Tues– 8 miles (untimed)

I woke up unsure if I would feel up to running. Spoiler: I did. For the first time in weeks I didn’t feel groggy so I decided to head out. It was humid but cooler than Monday. Overall it was a pretty uneventful run. I just got it done and went about my day.

Wed– 6 miles (untimed) November Project + 1 hour office yoga

Ran 3 miles to and from November Project and then did a whole bunch of workouts with them, including 3 full sets of stairs and 4x(20 lunges, 20 burpees, 20 squats, and 20 pushups). Good stuff. I was sweaty and my legs were dead by the end.

11212697_927309330666239_49518130013127856_oThere wasn’t a lot for us to work on so I got in a nice hour of strength and stretching. My arms were a little sore from all the pushups so I skipped some of the chatarangas and didn’t hold some of the posts as long as we were supposed to. But yoga’s all about making it work for you, so I used it as more of an hour of stretching rather than a workout.

Thurs– OFF

Fri– 9 miles (7:48 pace)

I thought Jury Duty was scheduled for 9 but I actually had to be there at 8… Which meant running before November Project and stopping by on my way home. I left my apartment around 5:30 and was home around 7 after doing the bouce with my NP friends  I was bummed to be missing out but it was otherwise a perfect run.

Sat– ?? biking

Wrote this post before we headed out for our bike ride but likely between 15-20 miles.

Total– 34 miles

I would have liked to get two full rest days in (aka Saturday), but because I’ll be hanging out with BETHANY today, KBT wanted to go biking yesterday. I gladly obliged because I enjoy our bike rides. Today will likely be a day off instead, and if not, I’ll fit them in later this week. My mileage has been creeping up over the past few weeks largely due to the warmer weather. I love running when it’s 80 degrees outside. It’s crazy, but I enjoy it. I’ll start marathon training in July, most likely, so my mileage will probably be in the upper 30s and 40s consistently during that time.

TOL: Breaking all the Rules

Happy Thursday! This week FLEW by. I don’t know what it was, but I felt like I blinked and we were halfway through. Definitely not complaining about that. It’s crazy how slow some weeks feel and how fast others are. So let’s do some thinking out loud because it’s Thursday and that’s how things work in blogland ever since Amanda made it a thing.

1) Remember last week when I said there were some new baby ducks/geese/birds of some kind born? They were really cute. What isn’t so cute? When their mama hisses at you every time you walk by them on your way home from work. Excuse me for getting in your way…

Capture2) I’m breaking all the rules these days with my outfits. I wore white jeans before Memorial Day. Come to think of it, I think I wore white jeans after Labor Day, too. I’m not even sure it’s a thing anymore because everyone in my office has been wearing white for weeks now. But I felt somewhat rebellious. I clearly don’t follow fashion trends/rules. Making sure I have clean clothes on is about as crazy as it gets for me. But I did feel pretty stylish the other day…

Capture33) Running has been going amazingly well. Almost too well. I feel so good on all of my runs, I’m doing them way faster than I thought (I started wearing my garmin to make sure I had the right distance on my normal routes), and I want to keep going when it’s time to stop. That’s all good, but it’s also usually right before I crash and burn. I’m trying to hold myself back and not get too carried away with crazy mileage/intensity. I just thrive in the hot weather for some reason and when running feels good, I want to run #allthemiles.

4) While my body might love running when it’s 80 degrees out, my appetite does NOT. For some reason, I’m not as hungry in the summer. I pretty much eat what I want, when I want (even if that means I’m drinking a milkshake at 4 in the afternoon), but when it’s really hot out, eating is the last thing I want to do. Sunday night when we got home from PA, I was feeling really low on energy and realized I hadn’t really had much to eat other than some snacks and a milkshake. I knew I needed a substantial meal, preferably red meat. I wasn’t hungry, but I didn’t feel well. Shocking that as soon as I finished my burger and half my fries, I felt infinitely better.

5) Going off of #4, I went to Miss Shirley’s (one of the best breakfast places in Baltimore) with my college roommate Monday after I had just finished 11 really humid miles and my appetite was nowhere to be found. I’m ashamed to admit I only finished one and a half of my cinnamon danish pancakes when I usually can finish all four. Don’t worry though, as soon as I got to work a few hours later I was starving and chowed down on a bagel. So weird.

Capture6) I went to see Pitch Perfect 2 with a few of my good friends from college Tuesday night. It was awesome and I might have even liked it better than the first, although it could be that I just saw the first one too many times. The best part was that the new Towson movie theater has an ice cream place! You can’t argue with birthday cake ice cream topped with sprinkles in a waffle cone at the movies. I’ll be going back often- or at least Tuesday nights when tickets are $6.50.

unnamed7) Sometimes you have good days and sometimes you have bad days. Life has been great, but sometimes I feel off. Lately, I’ve been feeling off a lot more than normal and it’s bugging me. I can’t put my finger on exactly what’s wrong. On the outside, my life looks awesome, and I give myself little pep talks reminding myself just how lucky I am. But there are things I’m still adjusting to and having a hard time dealing with change which is causing a lot of stress. A lot of it (I think) is coming from not living on the boat this summer for the first time in 5 years-sounds stupid, I know- and it’s throwing me off kilter. So I’m playing the “fake it till you make it” game as best I can until I can shake that feeling. Everything will be much better next week BECAUSE….

my happy place.

8) MY PARENTS ARE COMING. They’re picking up my brother from school but are driving down a couple days early to see me and help me with anything I need to do. I never really got the chance to have them around when I first moved into my apartment so it’s nice that they’re spending the whole day with me before they drive my brother home. I took the day off, but one day will never be enough time. 6 more weeks before I’m in my happy place.

happy 19th birthday to this kid tomorrow. you were a lot cuter when you were 4

happy 19th birthday to this kid tomorrow. you were a lot cuter when you were 4

9) November Project was awesome as usual this week. Always is. I was dragging through the burpees and pushups but made a new friend and the time flew by chatting with her and Lauren.

11212697_927309330666239_49518130013127856_o10) I have jury duty tomorrow. Ick. BUT it’s okay, because Bethany is coming to stay with me Saturday and Sunday night and we get to hang out for the weekend. Plus I have Monday off. And then Wednesday I’m with my family. Oh, and “summer Fridays” aka we leave work at 3pm. So basically, I’m barely working the next two weeks. I love my job, but having time off is nice.

Did you see Pitch Perfect 2?

Do you know of any buildings in Baltimore that are near Fells/the water/in a safe area/not going to break my bank account?

Do you wear white before labor day?

Does your appetite disappear in the summer heat?


This weekend was one of the most uneventful ones I’ve had in months. Probably since last fall. It’s crazy how my “normal” has changed- now, I don’t know what to do with myself if I have downtime on the weekends. I love having free time on weeknights. But on the weekends, I’m not good at sitting still. I feel the need to be on the go all the time. I didn’t realize that until I found myself with no plans and went into a mild state of panic.

Thursday night KBT found out he needed to go to his mom’s house for the weekend. We didn’t really have any plans going into the weekend, but I assumed I’d be staying home. When I realized I literally had nothing to do all weekend, I was at a lost. I’ve spent so many months with filled weekends- whether I was working at Charm City, traveling with KBT, or home visiting family- that I literally haven’t stayed in Baltimore since before Easter, and I don’t think I’ve had a weekend without anything to do since I moved in last August. That’s insane.

I sent a ridiculous text to my best friend telling her I hated the person I’ve become. I felt like I was dependent on KBT for plans, which is something I promised myself I’d never do after watching it happen to so many of my friends. But after we talked, I realized that it’s not that I’ve become the girl that’s obsessed with her relationship (yes, my Tuesday posts are usually filled with him because the weekends are the only time we see each other, but during the week I do my own thing and rarely talk to him. I enjoy having that time to myself), it’s that I’m so used to doing something, that the idea of doing nothing was terrifying.

I’m not good at sitting still. It’s something I’ve always had trouble with. I like to keep myself busy. I’m perfectly capable of being alone without plans, it just takes me awhile to settle into that “relaxation mode.” Although to be honest, if you ask anybody who knows me, I’m awful at relaxing. I can read a book for hours, but that’s as close as I get. When I thought I’d need to come up with plans for myself this past weekend, I started looking up races to run, I reached out to my friends from school, I even asked Charm City if they needed anyone to fill in at the store (they didn’t). I was desperate for something to do, when in reality I should have embraced doing nothing.

Then once I had accepted that I was going to have a completely free weekend, my plans changed again. KBT wanted me to go home with him, so I agreed.


decided to be a little rebellious with white jeans before labor day

But even though I spent the weekend “with” him, I really did my own thing. Friday night we got to his mom’s house around 9, ate strawberry shortcake, and fell asleep. We went for a short bike ride Saturday morning, enjoyed some french toast, and then he had to be on his laptop for work from 10-4, so I sat out on the deck reading. An entire book. I didn’t move for the entire 6 hours (and I have an awkward tan/burn on the left side of my body to prove it). We had dinner, went out for ice cream, watched a movie, and I was asleep just after 9pm.

I also got a really nice text from my best friend in RI showing me just how much I was missing at the beach...

I also got a really nice text from my best friend in RI showing me just how much I was missing at the beach…

Sunday morning we went for another short and hilly bike ride, then he and his mom had some things they needed to do, leaving me to keep myself busy once again for another 5 hours. At first I was thinking to myself, “why did he want me to come if he has so much to do?” but realized I probably wouldn’t be doing anything all that different than I would if I had been left to my own devices at home. I plowed through another book, spent some time on pinterest, caught up on blog reading, and even fell asleep for an hour. I can’t tell you the last time I took a nap, but it was long overdue. Apparently relaxing is hard work and I’ve been exhausted lately. When they got back around 4, we got milkshakes and made the drive back to Baltimore.

Yesterday morning I woke up refreshed, and ready to kick off the week with 11 humid miles followed by brunch with my college roommate at Miss Shirley’s before heading into work at noon.

I'm ashamed to admit I only finished a little over one of the four pancakes

I’m ashamed to admit I only finished a little over one of the four pancakes

I didn’t really take pictures. I didn’t do anything really exciting. I sat on the couch and read two books, slept a lot, ate a bunch of ice cream, and forced myself to relax. It’s not something that comes naturally to me, but it was necessary. Next weekend will be back to normal with some pretty awesome plans (BETHANY I’m looking at you!). It was really good to force myself out of my comfort zone and get comfortable doing nothing. I need to do it more often. I’ll always prefer to be busy- it’s just how I am, but I can definitely work on embracing that downtime and allowing myself to fully unwind, something I’ve needed to do for a really long time.

Do you have a hard time sitting still and not having plans?


This was the most solid week of workouts I’ve had in a long time. It was also the most activity I’ve had in awhile, but I felt good for most of it. I’ve noticed that my activity levels seem to go up and down based on how the week is going. This week, there was a lot going on, so I did a lot of running. I did find that my legs felt awesome despite not having a massage since February and running longer mileage. I also ran with a watch one day and realized just how effortless I felt running significantly faster than I usually do. Although considering I haven’t worn a Garmin since last September, I’m not sure how fast I “usually” run…

Sun– 15 miles biking around Gettysburg

It wasn’t a strenuous workout at all. We took it easy and chatted the entire time with one of KBT’s friends that came with us (he is also the one that took the awesome pictures).

IMG_6027Mon– 12 miles

I don’t have to work until noon on Mondays so after waking up at 7:30, I headed out for a really long run. I was planning to do 10 but ended up doing 12 instead. It felt amazing despite the heat and humidity. I love summer running.

Tues– 10 miles SHACK AND FIELD at Shake Shack!

The run started at Charm City Run in McHenry Row and ended at Shake Shack in Inner Harbor. I live in Fells Point so there wasn’t a convenient way for me to get there. I thought about taking an uber to CCR, doing the run, and running home from Shake Shack after, but the surge prices were insane. I got out of work early so I ran to CCR (4.4 miles at 7:35-7:40 pace which felt surprisingly comfortable), then did another 4.4 miles with NP friends at 9 minute pace. We ate milkshakes and then shuffled 1.2 miles home after for 10 miles total. This is probably going to be my favorite run each month because it ends with milkshakes and starts at the greatest running store on the planet.

11151027_10152959482503155_8689604818923474546_nWed-6 miles November Project + office yoga

My legs were DEAD after running home at 9pm the night before (but so so worth it), so I took the short  way back from NP. We did a ton of planks, stairs, squats, pushups, and other strength exercises. We did less running than normal which I was perfectly happy with after killing my legs so many days in a row before this.

11233428_924307497633089_701763772452410079_nSkipping yoga was not a bad decision at all. My legs were shot.

Thurs– OFF

MUCH NEEDED REST DAY. Lots of rainbow cake and baked ziti were consumed. I’m always 1000x hungrier on days I don’t exercise, and I’ve been craving both of those foods big time for a few weeks. Yolo.

Remember that time my roommates bought me an entire rainbow cake for my birthday? They're the best

Remember that time my roommates bought me an entire rainbow cake for my birthday? They’re the best

Fri- 10 miles November Project

I was DRAGGING Friday morning. My legs actually felt awesome after a really high-mileage week for me lately. But I was so tired, as you can tell in this picture. I’ve been trying to convince my friend Dave to come to NP for months now and I finally got him to Friday. The jury’s still out on how he felt about it, but at least I had someone to run with/chat with for the 40 minutes of hills. I did 4.5 miles to/from the workout, 1 fast mile repeat with one of the co-leaders before we started, and then another 4.5ish miles of hills with Dave. Solid hill session.November Project DaveSat– OFF

Total– 38 miles

Woah. The mileage this week jumped up a lot. I guess it makes sense with so many longer runs in there, but I did stick to my 4 run rule. I felt really good for the most part and thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in Thursday and eating all the food. I want my mileage to stay around that 35 mile/week mark, but if that means I’m at 25-30 miles some weeks and 35-40 miles other weeks, that’s fine with me. I still have a pretty good handle on how my body feels before I head out for a run each day. I’m getting the racing itch and I don’t have anything on my calendar until a half in July, so I’m starting to lookout for other options before then. I want to see where I’m at with the 5K right now, but I REALLY want to know where my half marathon is at. If I can stay injury-free for the long haul, I’m going to have a really great summer/fall season.

TOL: All the Running

FINALLY IT’S THURSDAY! Is it just me or is this week dragging? But at least it’s almost Friday so there’s that. Let’s do some thinking out loud.

thinking-out-loud1) This week has been all about the running. It’s a good feeling, since that doesn’t happen very often anymore. More often than not, I live my life and try to work my running into it, but every once in awhile, my week ends up centered around workouts. I’ve finally found a good balance with it. Monday morning all I wanted to do with my half day at work was run. And run far. So I did. Other Mondays, running is the last thing I want to do, so I take the day off.

2) I woke up pretty sore on Tuesday after Monday’s long run. Luckily, I wasn’t running until after work because it was the inaugural Shake Shack and Field run! We left from Charm City Run in McHenry row and completed a 4.4 mile route finishing at Shake Shack in Inner Harbor. I ended up running a total of 10 miles. Let me tell you, running a mile home with a stomach full of milkshake is not a great feeling. It was more of a shuffle but it was beyond worth it.

11151027_10152959482503155_8689604818923474546_n3) Then Wednesday morning was November Project. I haven’t been going as consistently as I used to lately because life happens. So when I am there, it’s good to be back. My legs were completely shot so I definitely didn’t push myself very hard, but that’s not what NP is about. It’s about the community. If you’re not smiling as you run stairs, you’re doing it wrong.

11233428_924307497633089_701763772452410079_n4) Can we talk about my commute to work for a second? I love walking along the docks to my office every morning. Especially when you randomly come across sights like this one. I almost walked by them but decided to stop when I realized just how cute it was. At first people looked at me kind of funny and then all of a sudden 3 other people took out their phones and started snapping pics too.

Capture5) We’re already planning another camping trip for June. I know, who am I? This time we’re headed to the beach with some friends. We WON’T be forgetting the toothpaste or the pillows. And s’mores will most definitely be happening this time. That was the only thing I really missed out on last weekend. Kilwins was good, but Kilwins and s’mores would have been even better.

Capture6) I went to Target Monday night to pick up a prescription, which I keep on auto-fill, only to find out that they didn’t have it in stock and I had to wait 24-hours to get it. Thank goodness I don’t have a life-threatening condition. If it were my mom in my position, it would have been a full-on emergency. Lesson learned: don’t wait until the last minute to pick up your refill.

7) This quote really resonated with me. I am really happy right now. But I haven’t always been and I worked my a$$ off to get to this point. It took a lot of years of not really trusting anybody because I was afraid of getting hurt again, but when I did, it was well worth it.

IMG_60308) While I was home last week, I found this time capsule in my room. I’m not sure where it came from- my parents usually just leave mail I get on my desk. I’m assuming it came from my babysitter’s house who essentially raised me growing up. It had some interesting letters I’d written to myself inside of it about my love of Barbies. I don’t think I understood the concept of a time capsule.

only got it a few years late...

only got it a few years late…

9) I’ve been reading up a storm lately. I like quiet weeknights. I hate making plans after work because I’d rather sit on the couch and unwind. I go in phases- sometimes I’m reading, sometimes I’m watching TV, sometimes I’m chatting with my roommates, and sometimes I’m browsing the web. It just depends on my mood. The past few weeks have been all about the reading. I’m not complaining.

10) THE WEEKEND IS ALMOST HERE. At this point in the week I start getting so antsy for Friday night. I don’t have any major plans this weekend, but I’m sure something will come up as it always does.

Have you ever done a time capsule?

Do you have a Shack Track & Field near you?

Birthday Celebrations

Happy Tuesday! In all seriousness, Tuesdays are my least favorite day of the week for some reason. It’s not far enough in to be excited the week is almost over, but you’re not just jumping back into a routine again after a weekend of fun either.

Enough whining. Before I know it, it will be a Wednesday and that means November Project and life will be good. This weekend was all about the celebrations.

Because Wednesdays are my favorite

Because Wednesdays are my favorite

Thursday was KBT’s birthday as I mentioned last week. Originally his friend and I had planned a big surprise party for him but he had to go and ruin it by planning a camping trip the same day.

So we switched gears. His friend works at a restaurant called Warehouse 518 in Mt. Vernon. We’ve been there a few times (their french toast is out of this world good) and always receive the royal treatment and the best service. I guess it pays to know people. About a month before his birthday, I went over to the restaurant to chat with his friend about doing something special.

CaptureThey gave us complementary champagne, appetizer, and homemade apple pie, and put us at one of the tables by the window. We pretty much felt like VIPs. I figured it was the only place we would get that kind of treatment, which seemed perfect for a birthday dinner.

We did a pretty good job hiding the plan although I’m not sure he was actually surprised. I told him dinner was at 7:30 and we could walk from his apartment. We were early so I suggested we “stop by and say hi to Aden at Warehouse518.” Then we executed our plan flawlessly. I should be an event planner or something (no I shouldn’t).

IMG_5997(1)Friday morning I didn’t go to NP, but I got in a really nice 8 mile solo run along the inner harbor. No complaints. I rarely have runs these days that aren’t broken up by November Project or with other people, so I do enjoy the days I head out alone and clear my head. I brought music this time, which is extremely unusual for me. I was just in the mood. It was a really enjoyable run.

Friday night was pretty low-key. I got out of work early, went home and read a book by the water for a few hours before KBT came over to pick up my bike. We drove down to Arundel Mills to pick up some last-minute camping supplies, he made dinner, we watched our new show (Bloodline), and I watched him set up the tent in his living room. Someone was excited. I haven’t had a Friday night like that in a long time, so it was more than welcome.

IMG_6001Saturday morning I went back to Charm City Run to fill in for a few hours (and the best boyfriend ever and brought me THB since I didn’t have time to go beforehand). God I miss working there regularly. Everyone is just so happy all the time. I mean, it’s hard not to be. It’s a fun place to work. Definitely the best job I’ve ever had. They didn’t end up needing me for as long as they asked me to cover for, so KBT picked me up and we went to Twenty20 Cycling to get me some cycling shoes and clip-in pedals.

IMG_6012Then we left for Gettysburg to do the whole camping thing. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually kind of enjoyed it. It really isn’t any different than the whole #boatlife thing. He listened to my requests (I guess he really does like me after all) and somehow found a campsite that had an ice cream store, showers, bathrooms, mini golf, and wifi. Basically everything I could have asked for and more. It was the perfect place to ease into something I wasn’t sure about.

CaptureWe were in the most perfect location with the site right against a little creek that would be perfect for paddleboarding. If I had a paddleboard…

IMG_6025Saturday afternoon we set up the tent and went for an easy bike ride around the battlefields so I could learn to use my new clip-in pedals. We spent about 30 minutes on the grass so I could fall without hurting myself. I only fell about 15 times. Eventually I got the hang of it and we were able to do some sightseeing.

IMG_6015IMG_6010We got back to the campsite in time to take some showers and grab dinner. KBT had done his research and told me there was a “surprise” in Gettysburg that I didn’t know about. That surprise was Kilwins. He really outdid himself. Even better was that while Kilwins still didn’t have cake batter, they did have toasted marshmallow, which is my favorite. Then coming back to sit by the fire- perfection.

IMG_6026I only freaked out for about 20 minutes when it was time to go to sleep. I could see lights flickering through the tent and was convinced someone was out there. It turned out it was just the fire starting to die. We also forgot pillows and toothpaste so we’re not very good at the whole camping thing yet. I made sure to get to the store 7am Sunday morning for toothpaste so I could brush my teeth.

We met up with one of KBTs friends for another bike ride Sunday morning. He’s from the area so he took us to some places we hadn’t seen yet. In total, we did about 12 miles Saturday and 15 miles Sunday. I finally started to feel comfortable with the pedals and it was just a perfect morning. Followed by pancakes. Obviously.


I love this picture.

Then it was back to reality. Except my weekends are extended! I have Monday mornings off for a few months and only work 12-6 because the advertising world is slow right now. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. Yesterday I had a solid 12 mile run- the longest I’ve done since last fall. It felt so good to sleep in (until 7:30) and still get in a long run. I love summer.

Have you ever been camping?

How was your weekend?


Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! I celebrated with mine last weekend while I was home obviously because this weekend I’m camping for KBT’s birthday. We’ll see if the relationship lasts the weekend. He might kill me when I start screaming for seeing a bug 😉

Sun– 9 miles walking (1.5 miles in Rhode Island, 4 miles with my mom, 3.5 miles with my dad)

Woah I didn’t realize how much I walked until I just added this up. My mom and I took Chloe for a walk at the beach before we drove back to NH on Sunday morning then she wanted to finish the rest of her walk when we got home. That was fine, but then my dad asked if I wanted to go for a walk/run in the woods. I told him I didn’t want to run (WHAT) so we took Chloe out again for a few miles before dinner. I made up for it with fettucine alfredo and ice cream. Perfection.

nothing like home-cooked meals

nothing like home-cooked meals

Mon– 5 miles walking + 6 miles running

My mom asked if I wanted to go for a walk with her before she left for work so I said sure because I was already up, but I hadn’t run in awhile, so I went during lunch to break up the day and enjoy the 86 degree temps. It was H.O.T. I felt like I was going to keel over for most of it. I ended up having to stop for a second because I couldn’t breathe. I should probably try the whole “easing in” to summer running thing.

Tues– 7 miles Tin Roof Run Club

It’s been months since I’ve gone to Tin Roof to run. It just hasn’t worked with my schedule, but after flying back early Tuesday morning coupled with gorgeous weather and a massive funk, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some miles in with friends. I ran 3 miles to/from PowerPlant then did 4 with them at an 8:10 pace. The sunset made it all worth it.

Capture2Wed– 8 miles November Project + Office Yoga

It felt so good to be back. I was dead tired after being up pretty late the night before running/grocery shopping/doing laundry/unpacking so I’m pretty sure I was half asleep for the majority of this workout. It was a killer with lots of burpees, pushups, tricep dips, mountain climbers, stairs, and running. The first workout back after a few weeks off is always tough, especially because NP is my only source of strength training. The heat has been really tough to adjust to as well, so I’m working on making sure I’m hydrating enough and eating enough salt to go with that increase in water, especially since I’m at a much higher risk of developing autoimmune disorders (primarily ones related to electrolytes) due to my family history.

Capture Then at 4 it was time for office yoga for my second strength session of the day. I don’t love doing double workouts anymore but it’s a free yoga class from one of the best studios in Baltimore, so I’m not going to pass that up. I was still sore on Friday from all of the chaturangas.

Thurs- OFF

Fri– 8 tempo miles

I skipped November Project but it was absolutely worth it. I missed having a group to run hills with, but I can do that any Friday. I did manage to get out for a run almost as long as I would have had I gotten up to run with them, but it was more of a tempo. I probably ran somewhere between 7:30-7:45 pace for the entire thing.


I didn’t have a picture from Friday’s run so I thought I’d post this here. Can’t win ’em all.

Sat– OFF

Unless you count mini golf. Because I’m going to DOMINATE. Just kidding, I’m horrendous.

Total– 29 miles running, 15 miles walking w/ mom&dad, 1 hour yoga

This was a little more active than normal so I made sure to fuel accordingly. I didn’t plan anything out. While I was home, I didn’t want to make running a priority. My sole purpose for the trip was to spend as much time with my mom as possible and I accomplished my goal. She walks 4-6 miles every day, so I went with her. My dad and I rarely do things together, and the boat used to be our thing, but now that I’m not there to help get it ready, we don’t have those weekend road trips to Rhode Island anymore. I wasn’t going to turn down his offer to go for a walk/run, so I made up for it with all the ice cream and pasta. I eat really well when I’m home 😉

Do you have a hard time adjusting to the warmer weather?

What are you doing to celebrate mother’s day?

Catching Up

Happy Thursday!

I love coming back to Baltimore on a Tuesday after a weekend at home because the week gets broken up and it flies by. Mostly though, I’m just happy to be back to a regular routine again.

I’m finally linking up to Thinking Out Loud today after a few weeks hiatus. I missed these random posts!

1) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KBT! I flew home last weekend because it worked better with my schedule, but also because today is KBT’s birthday so we have a bunch of plans this weekend…starting with tonight. He doesn’t know what those plans are yet though so I can’t share.

11015200_10204378857254624_5718068481320473648_n2) I’m getting dragged camping this weekend. I warned him that I’m going to be a high maintenance camper. Everything I have access to on the boat I need to have at a campground. We’ll see how it goes. If I don’t hate it, this will be the first of many weekend getaways. We’ll see.

3) Tuesday night I was all out of sorts. I hadn’t slept in my apartment in close to 2 weeks, I hadn’t done laundry in longer than that, I had no food in the house, I needed to unpack, and I was in a serious funk after leaving my parents. I didn’t have a hard time saying goodbye since I’ll be seeing them in a few weeks and I was genuinely looking forward to coming back to Baltimore. BUT once I got back to my apartment and reality set in, all I wanted was to be back in Jamestown on the boat. The first night back is always the hardest.

4) I combated my mood with a gorgeous run through fed hill with some friends at Tin Roof Run Club. It was just long enough to distract me and keep me out of the house until bedtime… and allowed me to put off all of the “responsible” things I needed to do. Like laundry. And grocery shop.

Capture25) I never did get to unpacking though, so my room ended up looking like this:

unnamed6) Wednesday morning I was back at November Project for the first time in a week and a half. Waking up was a struggle after a later-than-normal bedtime. I almost went back inside but I didn’t and got a killer workout in. NP is the only place I get any sort of strength training in, and yesterday was no exception. Tri dips, burpees, squats, pushups, lunges, etc. coupled with stairs and running is no joke.

Capture7) Not every photo is a pretty one. I’m pretty sure I was dreaming of water in this:

11208655_921486531248519_7365192499225732250_n8) Yesterday was yoga day at work. My arms are still sore. But the instructors come from one of the best studios in town (M.Power) so I’m not going to pass up a free class. I need to incorporate yoga into my workout routine, but I have a hard time justifying paying for classes at boutique studios because they’re so freaking expensive. One of these days I’ll go on a non-NP day so I’m not as tired. All I wanted to do was hang out in child’s pose. That’s how it works, right?

9) While I was home, my mom told me I need to learn to cook a few “staple meals.” She doesn’t think pre-cooked grilled chicken on top of salads or cheese tortellini count. She asked me what I do when people come over for dinner. She got a blank stare in response. I let KBT do the cooking. Apparently you’re supposed to do this thing called reciprocating. To show her I’m perfectly capable of feeding myself (I said myself, not others), I made myself a pita pizza for lunch. See, I can cook!

310) A little #tbt action for you. Hard to believe this was almost a whole year ago. I have the best parents in the world. Sorry everyone.

10414656_10202235694476894_2977610247851944621_nHave you ever been camping?

What are your “staple meals”?

Good to be Back

And happy Cinco de Mayo!

I’m on my way back from a whirlwind trip home to New England. I can’t even tell you how awesome it was to be able to catch up with my grandparents who I hadn’t seen since Thanksgiving, wander around MY ISLAND, and enjoy time with my parents. Plus, there was the whole surprising my mom thing, which was by far the best part.

And today I’m finally going home to my own apartment after spending almost 2 weeks away. Was it necessary for me to stay outside the city for that long? No. Not at all. I’m glad I didn’t sleep there Monday, but after that, everything was fine. I was in and out the rest of the week once my office opened again on Thursday. I knew I’d make my mom feel better if I stayed out of town but I was also using it as an excuse to spend time with people I hadn’t seen in awhile (namely, my cousins), and KBT, who I wouldn’t have the weekend with like I usually do.

CaptureAnyways. Onto the weekend.

About a month ago I told my dad I wanted to fly home for an early Mother’s Day to surprise my mom. I was trying to figure out when to go home because I had no plans to go back to New England until July, so Mother’s Day was good timing. I booked a flight home from Saturday to Tuesday and he told my mom they were going to Rhode Island to uncover the boat.

The airport is on the way to Rhode Island but when he got off the highway (telling her it was faster to go through the tunnel) she started telling him he was crazy. When he pulled into the terminal he told her he needed to check something. You would think she’d start to figure out what was going on, but she had no idea until I got in the car. She was SO surprised and so confused as to why nobody told her. Then she was mad because she didn’t have time to clean up my room and go to the grocery store to get food I’d like. But mostly, she was so happy.

BostonWe got to Jamestown and everything was exactly the same as it always is. I love my little island. It’s so nice to be able to walk into the dockhouse and be welcomed back with open arms from the owners of the marina, to go to the deli for a bagel and everyone knows you, to go for a walk and your old boss waves at you as she drives by, to see former coworkers while waiting in line for a frozen hot chocolate, and to catch up with one of your best friends over lunch.

Being able to walk into any restaurant or store and instantly be recognized is such a comforting feeling. It’s hard to describe how at home I am in Jamestown. There’s no place like it. But I also realized this weekend that as much as it’s home to me, I’m in a better place in Baltimore. I have a life there, something I didn’t really have when I lived on the boat. It will always be my vacation home though, that I know. Nothing will keep me away from that marina.

jtmWe spent the night at my grandparent’s beach house, ate dinner at Crazy Burger, my favorite restaurant, and made the long trip back to New Hampshire Sunday morning after we went for a walk along the water in their town. As soon as we got home, my mom and I went for another long walk, made lunch, and went shopping. I’ve had a hard time finding clothes that I like and that fit well lately but I hit the jackpot at LOFT and Banana Republic and found a new pair of Sperries on sale. Hello spring wardrobe. That should last me until my next shopping trip 8 years from now.

When we got home, my dad asked if I wanted to go for a run/walk in the trails with our dog, so we covered another few miles before dinner. My mom made Fettuccine Alfredo with homemade pasta (so good!) and then my dad and I went to my favorite ice cream place, Hodgies, before we sat down to watch a movie until bed. Perfect weekend.

afredoMonday was “back to work” from home. I got up at 6:30 to go for a walk with my mom before she left for work and then went for a run around my neighborhood during lunch to break up the day and take advantage of the 80 degree weather. My mom and I went for another short walk when she got home, and then we had steak and homemade pasta for dinner, followed by Hodgies AGAIN. It’s the best ice cream I’ve ever had (even Kilwins) so I wanted to go as many times as possible since it is the last time I plan on being in New Hampshire, possibly ever, before they move.

10270301_10202028029925410_904977451347260254_nAnd today I’m back to Baltimore for another week of work. My flight is at 6:30 this morning so I can make it to the office by 9.

This weekend was perfect. It was just long enough to spend a significant amount of time with my mom but not so long that I started to go stir-crazy. My parents will be coming down to Maryland in a few weeks to pick up my brother at school and then I likely won’t see them again until July when I head to the boat for vacation. I love being in New England, but the longer I live in Baltimore, the more I realize that I like it there just as much. It’s not as hard to say goodbye anymore, which is a huge step for me. I love both places for very different reasons.

I didn’t worry about running, I had no real routine, I just went along with whatever my parents were doing and it was perfect. Being in Jamestown for only a few hours was hard, but I’ll be back when Cassandra is actually in the water and I can enjoy everything about island life.

cassIt was good to be back, but I’m ready to go home to Baltimore.

What did you do this weekend?

Did you get outside and enjoy the warm weather?


Happy Sunday… FROM NEW ENGLAND!!!!!!!

My dad and I planned for me to come home to surprise my mom for an early Mother’s Day weekend. He told my mom they were going down to Rhode Island to start getting the boat ready and that they had to make a quick stop on the way to pick something up (presumably for the boat). Unbeknownst to her, I was that “something” they were picking up.

She was so surprised. I am so happy to be home. SO SO SO HAPPY.

Sun– 5 miles + 3 sets of stairs at the Philly Art Museum

KBT and I wanted to get in a decent run while we were in Philly. It’s our favorite way to see a new city. That, and walking.  We thought we were doing 7-8 miles but it ended up being only 5 miles. I wasn’t happy about it at first but then KBT’s knee was bothering him, we were running late for brunch, and I got a run in so I can’t complain.

CaptureMon– 6.2 miles

I usually don’t run on Mondays but I was in the mood so I went with it. I didn’t love setting my alarm for 6:30 but really wanted to run, so I did a shorter run knowing I’d be doing 5 days instead of my usual 4. Overall a lovely run.

Tues– OFF

I was at my cousin’s house and literally didn’t get off the couch except to get food. Solid rest day. I missed my lunchtime walk though, especially with how nice it was outside.

Wed- 6.3 miles

I was bummed I had to miss November Project but I wouldn’t have felt safe going even if I was in the city. I went for a run around my cousins’ development and was so. freaking. bored. I really missed city running along the water. And November Project in general, but I haven’t had a run like that in forever.

Thurs– OFF

Fri– 9 miles

It felt good to get back out there again. I didn’t go to November Project because I didn’t want to run in the dark, but I drove back to the city early enough that I could get a run in before work. I ran along the water and loved every minute of it. It was a little strange seeing the National Guard everywhere, but it also made things feel safe. I did notice how friendly everyone was. Usually nobody smiles as you run past but everyone was waving and it felt more like a community

Sat– 6 miles  walking AROUND THE ISLAND with my parents

I got to spend the day in Jamestown. This is my happy place. There’s no place else in the entire world like it. This is home. I am home. I thought about running but remembered that the whole point of coming home was to spend time with my mom, and walking with her is one of my favorite things  to do.

I kept most of my runs shorter because I just wasn’t feeling it most days and I finally didn’t feel sore anymore. Good thing because I accidentally forgot to go to my massage Wednesday amidst all the chaos in downtown Baltimore. And she’s in Italy for the next 3 weeks so I can’t make another appointment until next month. Oh well, i’m running injury-free and that’s all that matters.

And now I’m off to enjoy another quality walk with my mom, or maybe a run if I’m in the mood.

It’s good to be home.