Training 8/25-8/31

mon- 6.3 miles. I ended up having plans Sunday night that prevented me from running Monday morning so it was going to be a rest day. But then I got home from work early and it was absolutely gorgeous out so I couldn’t say no to a sunset run. I have zero restraint when it comes to running.

tues- 1 hour leisurely bike ride. My guess is I covered about 10 miles. I knew it wouldn’t be smart to run less than 12 hours after my run on Monday night, so I opted to test out the bike my parents sent down instead. They failed to mention that the gears no longer work on it so it’s a one-speed bike now. I wasn’t looking to get a workout in anyways, I just felt like wandering the city. It was great.

wed- November Project- (6 miles) Race day means 3000 time trial. I actually woke up not feeling great about running and was tempted to go and just watch, minus the fact that i have zero self-control when it comes to November Project and lined up front and center. Once we got going, I felt pretty good but I definitely didn’t think I was running at a PR pace. Judging by the fact that my PRs are faster than my times from college (11:57 then vs. 11:38 now), it’s most likely not actually 3000m but I’ll take the confidence boost. Afterwards we did “Sally” which is basically 4 minutes of straight squats. #hurtssogood

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thurs- 5ish miles “tempo” on the docks. Like 7:30 pace (I think, I don’t wear a garmin). I’ve been running with someone who’s a lot faster than me. And because I like a challenge, I always keep my mouth shut and try to keep pace. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Or at least that’s what I tell myself. We were supposed to do 6 but he sneakily cut out a mile of our run when I wasn’t paying attention because he knew my legs needed a break. I think I’ll keep him around icon wink Training 8/25 8/31

fri- November Project- (8 miles). #Hillsforbreakfast was just the workout I needed before heading home for a long weekend of family time and rest. My legs didn’t feel too bad aside from the beginning and I was able to keep up with the guys for the entire workout (4 hills, 3.8 miles total). I have a hard time holding back when it comes to November Project so I’ve been putting a lot of extra pounding on my body lately. Hence why I’m not running Sat-Tues. I need a break.

14221 778258068904700 890437834322046022 n Training 8/25 8/31

sat- 4.5 mile walk with parents around the island. Perfection.

sun- 4.5 mile walk with parents around the island. Just the break my legs need.

Another pretty good week for me. I’ve been running less “junk” miles and focusing more on quality workouts. I don’t know if I’ve seen a difference yet but we’ll find out come race day how my body is responding to the changes I’ve been making. As I promised myself, I only ran 4 days and took it really easy on the days I didn’t run. I have a 5k coming up in about 2 weeks and I’m kind of excited to see where I’m at, speedwise. I’m pretty sure I can pull off a sub-22 but I’m not sure if I’m at the sub-21 level right now.

Otherwise, I’m just keeping my base so I’m ready for the Runner’s World Hat Trick (SIGN UP AND RUN WITH ME) and trying to bide time until I can fit a calf massage into my schedule. I had hoped to get one this week but it didn’t work out, so I’m waiting on my massage therapist to squeeze me in since she has a very limited number of openings. I’m not in any pain or danger of injury right now, but I do want to stay on top of it.


1) No intro today. Another week, another Thinking out Loud. Head on over to Amanda’s blog to see what everyone else is thinking about today!

2) I went for a bike ride Tuesday morning. I was itching to run Monday night so I knew it would be dumb to do two runs within 12 hours of each other and opted to bike instead. It was the first time I’ve used the bike since my parents brought it down. They failed to mention that the gears are broken on it so it’s a 1-speed bike. It was still a nice hour long ride around the harbor. And let’s not forget that they brought me a helmet I had when I was 3 years old. It’s not going to protect my head if it doesn’t actually fit me…

10643317 10202789194114039 1907737708 n Transitions

3) Most of my readers are at least through their first year of college. My brother just started his freshman year at University of Delaware and so far, he’s dealing with that same limbo period most of us went through. Like me, he’s not a huge partier so it has been hard to find people that relate, especially at such a big school. I’m driving up to visit him sometime next week for dinner. Even though we’ve never been very close, I think having us both living in Maryland away from our parents is going to bring us closer together. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing him every few weeks, at least for dinner (on my parents’ dime, thanks mom and dad). Chances are you’ll be seeing a lot more of him on the blog.

10617353 10202769737387633 1372557758 n Transitions

4) November Project was awesome as usual yesterday. The last Wednesday of the month is “race day” where we choose to race either 1500 or 3000 meters. I always choose the 3000 and so far I have PRed each time I’ve run it. This week I ran an 11:38 which is about 10 seconds faster than last month. I don’t think it’s actually a full 3000 but it’s a nice confidence boost and I know I’m getting faster each month. It’s amazing how much stronger you get from doing workouts like the ones at November Project. You work the entire body rather than just pounding the legs like I’m used to.

10592791 777321245665049 6963725954591589814 n Transitions

5) After the 3000 time trial we did “Sally” which is a killer squat track. I’m not going to be able to walk today. Don’t let the big smile on my face fool you.

10615366 777322278998279 4883133101252532701 n Transitions

6) I went out for dinner with my old roommate and another friend Tuesday night at Joe Squared Tuesday night. Best pizza place around, besides maybe Owl Bar. When your friends ask you to go out for pizza, you don’t turn them down. Ever. The ironic part was that I saw one of my other friends at the restaurant next door. Totally coincidental. I got so distracted talking to him that I couldn’t finish even half of my pizza so I had it for lunch yesterday.

10634408 10202790140297693 1627403542 n Transitions

7) We kept talking about Kilwins so my former roommate had to try it. I couldn’t pass up the ice cream, even if it’s getting embarrassing how well they know me there. It was worth every bite. And all $8.63 it cost me. You better believe I ate every last drop.

10616260 10154494829070162 2488527794241882209 n Transitions

8) Speaking of transitions, I realized that unlike my brother, my transition has been pretty seamless. It hit me as I was walking to work yesterday that as excited as I am to go home tomorrow, I don’t need to. I’m excited, don’t get me wrong, but I am also at that point where I feel like I’m missing out on things in Baltimore. That’s how I know I’ve “made it” here. I’m not upset that this is the last time I’ll be in New England until Thanksgiving. I’m going home to enjoy a weekend with my family, but I would have been just as content enjoying a weekend with my friends here. That is the most amazing feeling in the world.

10656559 10202791321367219 546883368 n Transitions

9) This week I haven’t had much to say around the blog world. Part of that is due to real life taking over and the other part of it is me just not wanting to share. I don’t know exactly how I am going to balance  blogging and life yet. I’m not ready to say goodbye to blogging, but in a lot of ways I feel like I’ve gotten what I need out of it. I made amazing friends that I now consider “offline friends” and it’s not a crutch I’m holding onto anymore. I just don’t have the same need to blog that I once did. I have a feeling the number of days a week I post will probably taper off and I’ll (hopefully) post more meaningful content. I’m going to have to play with it and see what works over the next few weeks until I figure out exactly what I want to get out of blogging. Because at the moment, I have everything I ever needed.

10) Did I mention I’M GOING BACK TO THE BOAT TOMORROW? Have I packed? No. Have I figured out how I’m getting to the airport? No. Have I thought about it? No. We’ll be lucky if I make my plane.

Do you have fun weekend plans?

Are you a regular at any local places near your house?

What was your transition to college like?

Getting Uncomfortable

My coach used to tell us all the time to “never settle.” He of course was referring to track, but it can be applied to so many areas of life. He wanted us to get used to the idea of being uncomfortable because it would be easier to push through the pain during a race. For someone like me, that was really difficult. Especially in track, where I didn’t fully know what my body was capable of and therefore was less successful in my running because I was always holding back. It’s not that I didn’t try to push myself to my limits, but I couldn’t figure out how to not let myself be okay with feeling discomfort.

10613819 10202723827999927 1545336870 n Getting Uncomfortable

Charles Street 12- where I was able to push through the tiredness

I think life is suddenly working out for me because I’m finally okay with the idea of the unknown. I’m okay with being uncomfortable. I’ve never been somebody who lives without a plan. I like to know what’s coming. But with this move, I had no choice. I moved to an apartment I had never seen with roommates I had never met. I had nowhere to live for a week and relied on friends letting me stay with them. I started a job in an industry I knew absolutely nothing about. I did all of that on my own without the help of my parents, which was unheard of since they have always been my rock I had no choice but to accept the fact that life was going to throw me whatever it wanted and I just had to trust that everything would work out.

And it did.

I love my job. I love my apartment. I love my roommate(s). I love living in a city. I love living in Baltimore. I love the rush I get from running faster than I think I can. I love the anticipation of my plans for a random Thursday night. I love my life. And none of it is “comfortable.”

10615886 10202756433575046 889523505 n Getting Uncomfortable

Rainbow outside my apartment last week

-In running, getting uncomfortable might mean pushing the pace further than you think you’re capable, trying a new route, running a new distance, registering for a challenging race.

-In the office, getting uncomfortable means asking for help, doing something you might know how to do yet, accepting constructive criticism, making mistakes. It means smiling when you don’t want to, pushing yourself above and beyond what’s expected of you, and faking it until you make it.

-In relationships, getting uncomfortable means opening up to someone new, putting yourself out there, being okay with deviating from your normal weeknight routine. It means saying yes to burgers on a random Monday night. It means feeling excited about not knowing what happens next and being okay with just taking things as they come.

-In the home, getting uncomfortable means compromising with roommates or significant others, making sacrifices, having difficult conversations. It means not sitting on the couch watching the same shows every night on television, it means adjusting to others’ routines, it means being social instead of burying your nose in your laptop to write another blog post.

-In life, getting uncomfortable means eating new foods, trying new drinks, checking out a new bar, telling someone how you feel, staying out past your set bedtime, reaching out to a new friend, figuring out how to do things on your own, asking for help when you need it.

-In your mind, getting uncomfortable means pushing past the doubt, facing your fears, rolling with the punches. It means letting go and embracing life.

10609031 10202697802429304 80005058 n Getting Uncomfortable

It was good for me to make this move on my own. I couldn’t rely on anyone else. While I’ve always been extremely independent, I do still rely relatively heavily on my parents for emotional support. The fact that my mom had to ask me if I liked my job the other day because I haven’t talked to her about it is another indication for both of us that things are going well here even if it means we feel kind of lost without each other. Really well. Not so well that I’m settling, because I’m not. I wake up every morning ready for whatever comes my way without any expectations as to how my day might go (minus this weekend when I thought I’d get to spend the whole weekend with my parents). Is it comfortable? Absolutely not. But for the first time in my life, I’m okay with that. And I know it’s going to make me a better runner and a happier person.

For me, getting uncomfortable means embracing life. 

How do you “get uncomfortable?”

Rough Patches

This is not the post I expected to write today. It wasn’t that my weekend was terrible, because it wasn’t. It just didn’t go the way I had hoped.

For the past month that I’ve been back in Baltimore, I haven’t let myself stop moving. It helped with the transition so I didn’t feel homesick. I still have zero regrets about moving back here. On Saturday night, I had my weekly phone date with one of my best friends and he said to me, “Sarah. I haven’t heard you sound this happy in the four years I’ve known you. You’re like, cool now. I miss you.” Coming from him, that meant the world to me. Because he’s right. I am the happiest I’ve been in years by a long shot. But this weekend I let all of the emotions I’ve been pushing aside catch up to me and it was hard. Really hard.

10364397 10202235848000732 1766448696 n Rough Patches

Missing Deano

Friday morning I was so excited about life in general. For the month of August Fridays are “early release days” at work which means a 2pm dismissal for the rest of the company- and 4pm for my department. I was bouncing up and down all morning in anticipation for my parents’ arrival that afternoon. The company took us out to Outback for lunch where I tried to stomach at least a little bit of the enormous salad I ordered but I was so distracted that I just wanted to get back to work so we could get out early. We stopped to play foosball and watch the flip cup tournament in the clubhouse before heading back to the office. Work hard, play hard.

10634165 10202765108151905 1282018789 n Rough Patches

Around 3pm, I realized I wasn’t getting out of work by 4. We had campaigns piling up fast and I was stressed because I’m still new and it takes me longer to do things. Luckily my parents were running behind schedule too so they weren’t waiting for me, but I was still at my desk at 5:30 and I realized the leasing office closed at 6 and I needed to get there so they could open the freight elevator for me. I began to panic and all of the excitement about seeing my family was quickly disappearing. Luckily they let me leave around 5:45 and I made it back in time.

It took us about an hour to get my bed and couch into the apartment and then my dad put some furniture together before we headed to dinner at Alexander’s Tavern. I got a burger with tator tots and then took my family to Kilwins for ice cream. I can’t get enough of that place. They officially know me now when I walk in. We went for a walk along the docks back to my apartment and my brother said, “wow, this almost looks like Rhode Island… except there’s more trash in the water.” #truth

10613969 10202769737787643 554995236 n Rough Patches

I finally have a bed.

Unfortunately, my mom broke the news to me that they weren’t coming back on Saturday afternoon. I was devastated. She did bring me pumpkin cookies to make it up to me and left a picture of the four of us next to my bed, but I was still really upset. I had all of these expectations for the weekend- I thought we’d see family in Annapolis, go for a long walk, and I really wanted them to help me get settled. In my eyes, this weekend was supposed to make up for the fact that I had to move down here alone. So when I found out they weren’t going to be able to do any of that, I was a mess.

10617353 10202769737387633 1372557758 n Rough Patches

This won’t be moving from my bedside table anytime soon.

Luckily, a long run Saturday morning followed by 9 hours at the running store helped distract me. I love my coworkers, I love everything that Charm City Run represents, and I feel like I’m completely in my element when I’m there. Which is probably why I decided giving myself a temporary tattoo was a good idea.

10617798 10202772305811842 514342483 n Rough Patches

I came home from work with no desire to do anything but eat my mom’s pumpkin cookies and go to bed, but my roommates convinced me to go to the bars with them. I didn’t drink anything and only went out with them for a couple of hours, but I did have a good time and it definitely turned my mood around. Mostly, I was just wingmanning. It’s a hard job but someone’s gotta do it.

10647620 10202776420114697 572809217 n Rough Patches

first roommate picture- ignore the blurred/squinted eyes

I couldn’t sleep in Sunday morning despite being out until 1am so I laced up my mizunos and headed out for another long run. The humidity finally broke so the weather was absolutely perfect and I felt like I could have kept running forever. I needed to clear my head and I came back feeling infinitely better than when I left. I did some errands before coming back to my apartment to sit outside on the docks for a few hours. I was in heaven. Then my roommates and I went for a long walk before dinner to round out the weekend. It was relaxing and just what I needed.

10589719 10202777183373778 2103364013 n Rough Patches

The weekend didn’t go as planned at all. I’m not going to lie- it was hard. I definitely hit my first “rough patch” of living away from home again. If I hadn’t expected to have more time with my family, I would have been fine.  When I realized that wasn’t the case, I had a really hard time accepting that I would only be seeing them for about 3 hours. I’ve been so busy since I moved here that I never gave myself a chance to be homesick, but as soon as my family was in front of me, it hit me hard. I’m not saying it was a bad weekend at all because it wasn’t. I Good thing I’M GOING HOME ON FRIDAY. I need a weekend of boat life to recharge.

How do you react when things don’t go as planned?

What did you do this weekend?

Training 8/18-8/24

Mon- OFF.

Tues- 6.3 miles on the docks. I saw some interesting things- a homeless man peeing on the side of the dock and someone completing the ice bucket challenge to name a few.

Wed- November Project (6ish miles) + 2ish mile evening walk. I ran 2.5 miles there, completed 1.5 miles of stairs/running at the workout, and then ran 2 miles home with a few other girls from NP.

10406703 773933662670474 4334725193359688192 n Training 8/18 8/24

Thurs- Spinning + evening walk. I had plans Thursday night and just felt the need to get a good sweat in before work so I reserved a bike at Rev Cycle (THE BEST/ONLY SPIN STUDIO IN BALTIMORE) for 6am. It was painful but oh so good. My legs needed to move but they also need a break from the pounding.

Fri- November Project (7.5 miles). Run 4 fast miles + morning walk + evening walk. I didn’t stay at my apartment Thursday night so I couldn’t make it to November Project. It was a bummer but I would have been more upset if I had missed a Wednesday workout, plus I got to get in a solid run with a friend so that’s always good. He’s a little lot fast for me so we were running at more of a tempo pace but it was a fun 4ish miles even if I did feel like I was chasing him the entire time. Running with fast friends makes you faster, right? We took the dogs for a half hour walk after which was a good way to shake out the legs. After work I went for a short walk with my parents to show them the area.

Sat- 8 miles. It felt extra good especially after sleeping in my own real bed for the first time in months but my legs didn’t feel awesome. I wanted to do 10 miles but I slept in too late. There’s something about working at a running store that just makes you want to run ALL THE MILES.

Sun- 10 miles. It was the perfect weather for it. I was only going to do 6 but I just wanted to keep going forever.

My legs need a break. I could feel it by Wednesday that my calves were starting to seize up again. I was able to flush them out at spinning Thursday which helped but what they really need is some rest. This week I’m planning on running 4 times instead of 5 to give them the break they deserve and I won’t be doing any double digit runs. I have the base I need, now I just have to make sure I stay healthy. I’m still waking up every day excited to run so I’m not even close to mentally burnt out yet which is great but my body is definitely tired. I also emailed my massage therapist because I have a day off at work so I’m trying to fit in an appointment with her. It’s so needed.

The plan for this week is pretty much the same, although I’ll likely rest next weekend since I’ll be in RI. It makes it easy to cut back on the mileage if I run Mon-Fri (minus Thursday) and take the weekend off to enjoy it with my parents.

Contain the Excitement

In true Thursday fashion, it’s time for some Thinking Out Loud. No time for an intro today, last night was busy. Seems like the name of the game these days.

thinking out loud Contain the Excitement

1) MY PARENTS COME DOWN TOMORROW. I can’t believe I haven’t seen them in a month. I can’t believe I’ve been here for almost a month. In some ways it feels like I’ve been back forever, but in others it feels like I just said goodbye to my family yesterday. Weird.

2) I don’t know what I’m more excited about- seeing my parents… or getting a bed. They obviously go hand in hand since my parents are bringing the bed with them, but I’m pretty sure I’m never going to want to get out of bed once I have it. The air mattress is cool and all…. but I’m ready to actually get a good night’s sleep for the first time in a month.

10592230 10202650020994798 1799486012 n2 Contain the Excitement

3) In ONE WEEK I am flying back to Jamestown for labor day weekend. As hard as it is to believe, I really haven’t thought about #boatlife a whole lot since I’ve been here. It probably comes up once every couple days. Coming from the girl who’s entire existence was based around living on a boat for 5 summers, that’s saying a lot. That being said, I can’t wait to be back. The dockboys keep snapchatting me telling me they miss me (okay, that’s an exaggeration but they do keep sending me pictures of my boat- I told them I needed them to keep an eye on it to make sure it was still floating when I got back).

 Contain the Excitement

4) Running has been good this week but I’m in need of a serious calf massage. I woke up Tuesday morning for my run and my calf felt really knotted again. I get worried when that happens because I’m afraid the compartment syndrome will come back. The problem is, my massage therapist has a very limited schedule and it doesn’t work well with my job. I’m trying to squeeze myself in for an appointment though because I know it’s important and I need to stay ahead of it. I’m not about to lose another 3-4 months of running over me being stupid.

10622074 10202753153213039 401905758 n Contain the Excitement

5) This kid is going to college next week. Wait, what?

10469989 10202359693016780 1373587486 n Contain the Excitement

6) November Project left me insanely tired again yesterday. I usually fit in a decently long run (6ish miles) so it’s not just the stairs and I get a total body workout. Yesterday I ran home with two of my NP friends which was nice because I was distracted from thinking about how tired I was the entire 2 miles home. I think Thursdays are going to be a permanent rest day over here, save for a casual walk after work with my roommate.

10620969 10202745792109016 1688083215 n Contain the Excitement

from the #Betterthanbedtime event Sunday

7) Our third roommate moved in yesterday. I had met her once before but it’s definitely strange having 3 people living in our apartment instead of just two. I think it will be good, just different.

8) My friend and I went to watch a movie on the pier last night. I’ve been wanting to do it for a few weeks but never got around to it. It is so cool to sit by the docks with a huge projector. It’s too bad the summer is almost over because I’m pretty sure I’d go watch every week. We didn’t stay for long because I was too tired (the movie didn’t start until almost 9) but I love that it’s an option. City living is the best.

9) We went to Nacho Mama’s for lunch at work on Tuesday for a team lunch. I wasn’t hungry going in and the amount of food they brought us was insane. I ate a few chips before my sandwich came and when it finally did, I only finished about 1/4 of it. I was stuffed to the brim. I think I’m going to like these company events.

10592062 10202753152893031 2071243847 n Contain the Excitement

10) I have another busy weekend ahead of me. Between going out with a friend tonight, my parent’s coming tomorrow afternoon, working at the store Saturday, and spending time with my family again Sunday, it’s going to be a good one. Hopefully a little less crazy than the past few weekends have been so I can maybe feel a little more settled in my apartment, but life is pretty good right now so I can’t really complain.

Do you go out for lunches at work?

Do you find getting regular massages keeps you from getting injured?

It’s Just Food.

Picky Runner started as a space where I could talk about my journey navigating the world of collegiate running while recovering from an eating disorder. Since then, I not only quit track and cross country but I also graduated from college, and my eating disorder is a thing of the past. Over the past 2 years, my readership has changed as I have grown into the next stage of life. I transitioned away from talking about college sports and struggles I’m having with food and now talk about November Project and eating $10 ice cream cones. I can’t say I hate it.

10543827 10202689499701741 836363477 n Its Just Food.

In the past, when I’ve gone through a major life change (i.e. going to college, studying abroad, going through a breakup, etc.), I’ve relapsed back into disordered habits. It starts out innocently enough, with me just forcing myself back into my comfortable little bubble, and then it escalates to something more serious. I am happy to say that I have not had any sort of symptoms/thoughts/tendencies to revert back to my old ways in well over 6 months.

This move would have been a major concern of my parents’ in the past but this time they sent me off excited, albeit sad that I was once again leaving, this time more permanently. I think a huge part of me wanted to stay in New England forever because it’s safe. I’d be near my family, it’s comfortable, and it’s the plan I had imagined for myself years ago. Making the decision not to follow through with that plan was a huge sign of growth for me and it didn’t go unnoticed by my family or myself.

As I’ve acclimated into my new life, I’ve realized just how ridiculous my thought process used to be. In reality, it’s just food. That doesn’t mean I’m suddenly trying new foods left right and sideways (I’m not) but it does mean I’m eating pizza at midnight on the way home from the bars because I can, that I will happily pay $10 for ice cream and that I will wander over to the snack cabinet at work at least 4 times a day. I have tried new foods (hello, gluten free baked ziti) and drinks (my first shot).

10588746 10202652320052273 1573962733 n1 Its Just Food.

Because at the end of the day, it’s just food.

My body has been noticeably hungrier since I’ve moved. At first I couldn’t figure out why. My mileage hasn’t really changed much, I’m not eating out of boredom, and I’m not eating any differently than I was back at the boat. In the past, seeing our snack wall of starburst, cheez its, pretzels, etc. staring me in the face every day at my desk would have thrown me. I would have stressed over it. Instead, it has saved me. When I don’t pack enough food to tame the hunger beast (cough every day), I march right on up to the snack wall and find all of the red starbursts, grab a few handfuls of honey wheat pretzels, or make myself another cup of hot chocolate.

10581104 10202727578653691 1733738158 n1 Its Just Food.

my daily breakfast

Because at the end of the day, it’s just food.

If our bodies are hungrier than usual, we need to feed them. I forgot that living in a city means I’m more active than normal. Even if I’m not running any more than usual and I work at a desk job, I’m still walking to work every day, going for nighttime strolls with my roommate, and exploring the docks outside my apartment. My body is naturally going to be hungrier than normal because I’m more active than normal.

10578163 10202671699096737 1228267559 n Its Just Food.

we had a date/evening stroll along the water last night

There have been days where I’ve eaten so much I feel like I’m going to explode. Is it uncomfortable? Absolutely. Am I upset about it? Not in the least. That $10 ice cream was the best $10 I’ve ever spent. I may have vowed never to do it again after suffering through12 miles the next morning (and then did it again a week later…), but it had nothing to do with the calories or the sugar or anything nutritionally related. I didn’t love the way my body felt after, but it was more than worth it because it tasted good and it was part of a fun night out with friends.

10592278 10202688492196554 1501292752 n Its Just Food.

There have also been days where my appetite is non-existent. Last weekend, the day of the wedding, I literally wasn’t hungry at all. I had a slightly larger-than-average breakfast, ate a snack halfway through the day at the running store, and then I was planning on eating at the event. Except when we got there, I wasn’t very hungry so I ate a mini burger and a macaroon and called it a day. It wasn’t the smartest decision, especially because I also woke up the next morning with no appetite and therefore didn’t eat for several more hours causing me to feel pretty dizzy/nauseous at November Project Sunday afternoon, but I just wasn’t hungry. Later that night, my appetite caught back up with me again and I laid in bed with a box of cheerios next to me while I was reading.

10617576 10202745792389023 781303384 n1 Its Just Food.

Because when you go with what your body is craving, it will all even out. I didn’t need that giant ice cream but I wanted it at the time. And then I wasn’t very hungry the next day and craved a lot of fresh produce. Ever since I got myself into trouble with counting calories/tracking what I eat, I know to stay away from that subject entirely. To me, eating a zbar is no different than a quest bar. Eating peanut butter is no better than pretzels, and celery is no better than an apple. Ice cream is just as important in my diet as grilled chicken and I’ll never turn down a steak because I’ve hit my “quota” of red meat.

Food is food. That’s it. I know that some people need to track their diets for various reasons (allergies, weight loss, etc.) but I am a firm believer that our bodies will regulate themselves as long as we eat relatively normally. I know that I’m more in tune with my hunger/cravings than I’ve ever been and it didn’t take me counting calories or macros to get there.

Food is a social thing. And there is nothing more fun than getting pizza from BOP at midnight next to Gumby. Unfortunately I was too focused on my food to take a picture.

No questions today. Share your thoughts.

Wedding Ready

This weekend was a whirlwind. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I’m way behind on blogs and all forms of social media- until 11pm last night, I hadn’t touched my laptop since I left work at 4 on Friday. It was nice to not be scrolling twitter and instagram and sitting on my laptop for hours. While I wasn’t 100% unplugged, in some ways I was because I was just with people all weekend and therefore not on my phone much at all.

Thursday night my roommate’s best friend came into town so we all went out for drinks after I got out of work. It should have been a good time… but Fells was dead and we were getting hit on by 40 year old married men. Basically the night was a bust. I’m a terrible wing(wo)man.

10602656 10202723826679894 1863441307 n Wedding Ready

Friday I had an early release at work so I treated myself to a manicure (let’s be honest- I couldn’t show up at a wedding looking like a 4-year-old had painted my nails which is what would happen if I had done it myself). Then I hung out with my friend from school and my roommate and her friend. We ate dinner on our classy floor and then went out for drinks and I was in bed by 11. Wild Friday nights at our place. I blame it on being tired from November Project.

10602865 10202727302646791 885242275 n Wedding Ready

If you can’t tell, I get kind of excited to run

Saturday was an early morning. 10 solo waterfront miles later, I jumped in the shower and packed my things before I left for the day since I wouldn’t be able to go back home after work and wouldn’t be home until the following night. The only downside to the run was that my garmin broke at mile 4 out of 10. The clock kept going but the GPS stopped so apparently I ran 4 20 minute miles instead of 10 8 minute miles…

10609056 10202723826999902 1468495744 n Wedding Ready

Not a bad view for a long run

MY FIRST SHIFT BACK AT THE STORE WAS AMAZING. I missed it there so, so much. The Saturday crew is probably my favorite group to work with so this was awesome. The customers that come in are so great and the smile never left my face all day. I seriously am the happiest at Charm City Run. I just feel like I’m totally in my element there and it’s awesome. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s more than worth working 6 days a week. Everyone kept saying they’ve never seen someone love working there as much as I do. Probably accurate. I also found out that one of my newer coworkers actually follows my blog, so that was pretty cool too. I’m not really used to people coming up to me yet but it’s been happening more since I moved back to Baltimore.

10374140 10202215896221950 1093502397 n Wedding Ready

After work I headed straight to Nordstrom. For those of you who know me in real life (or have been reading for awhile), you know I am very low-maintenance. I don’t wear makeup, I don’t do anything to my hair, and I rarely get dressed up. But for a wedding, that’s not really an option. So Nordstrom hooked me up with a mini makeover so I didn’t look like a clown. It was a little much for my taste (and made an absolute mess later that night) especially around the eyes, but it doesn’t happen often so we’ll let it slide. I didn’t have time to do my hair since I was meeting my friend straight from work/nordstrom. And I chipped my nails before the wedding even started. Talk about the least girly person ever.

10582316 10202732554578086 1025001875 n Wedding Ready

excuse my french.

The wedding itself was incredible. It was at the Walters Art Museum and everything was absolutely beautiful. I went as someone’s plus one and the entire thing was sponsored by Uber and some other major companies. It was more of a party than a traditional ceremony and you could explore the museum while you were there. I had such a great time. They had mini burgers and chicken and waffles (along with other really fancy foods that I didn’t touch) for some reason my appetite was non-existent all night so I didn’t eat much of a dinner. Except we missed the cake. That was a let down. I did try a macaroon which was good though. My feet were in the most pain I’ve ever experienced from heels, I’m pretty sure. I took them off before we walked home. I probably caught at least 10 diseases, but I couldn’t stand it any longer.

10609204 10202737241415254 2013490769 n e1408337613117 Wedding Ready

Sunday was a big catch up day. Obviously we didn’t get much sleep Saturday night so it was a lazy morning. I slept until 11:30am! I haven’t slept past 8am in MONTHS and past 10 in 2 years. After a giant bagel and hot chocolate from THB, I headed to the pool with my friend before November Project’s Better than Bedtime! We ran a 5k and then went to a bar after. I felt really nauseous because of the heat, dehydration (from drinking the night before), and not eating anywhere near enough food in the previous 24 hours. I stayed for about 10 minutes of the “after party” before running home to shower and eat. I ended up going back to meet up with everyone later and then out for pizza with a couple people. Good decision. Except it made for another late Sunday night.

Screen Shot 2014 08 17 at 11.31.06 PM Wedding Ready

best NP leaders out there

Basically, I need a weekend to recover. My roommate and I stayed up until 1am last night recapping our weekends to each other because we haven’t seen each other since Friday. It was also her birthday so naturally we had to celebrate- by me sitting on the floor eating out of a cereal box while we caught up.

Do you like to get dressed up?

What did you do this weekend?

Training 8/11-8/17

So last week I ended up running 43 miles. That was too many for me, especially the week of a race. This week I toned it down a bit and went back to the 30-35mile range because it is clearly working well for me based on last weekend’s performance at Charles Street 12. This week I ran 36 miles which is more reasonable.

Screen Shot 2014 08 14 at 8.09.40 AM Training 8/11 8/17

I haven’t been mentioning it here because it doesn’t really count to me as part of my “workout” but I walk to work every day which is just under 2 miles round trip. However, I’ve noticed the extra activity so I do need to take it into account (in terms of eating, recovery, etc) even if I don’t count it as part of my weekly mileage.

Mon- 6 miles. I was still incredibly sore but I knew it would help loosen me up. It did.

Tues- OFF. I wasn’t home Tuesday morning so it was the perfect excuse for a rest day.

Wed- November Project (6 miles)- I ran the 2 miles there, we did 125 mountain climbers, 100 squats, 75 lunges, 50 pushups, and 25 box jumps with stairs and a lap of running between each set of exercises, then I ran the 3 miles home. I woke up Thursday morning unable to move.

Screen Shot 2014 08 13 at 8.26.12 PM Training 8/11 8/17

Thurs- OFF. I’ve never been in so much pain in my life.

Fri- November Project (7.5 miles). I limped the 2 miles there, ran 3.7 miles of hills, and then limped my way home. I was still unbelievably sore from Wednesday’s workout.

Capture1 Training 8/11 8/17

Sat- 10 miles. I had a busy day at the store and then a wedding last night so I knew I’d be happier if I got a solid run in. I took it extra slow and ran on the docks for the entire time. It flew by.

Sun-November Project Run (6 miles including running there and back). We’re doing the Better than Bedtime Run tonight starting at Patterson Park at 4:45! It’s about a 5k and ends at an undisclosed location with “adult beverages.” You should join if you’re in the area or in any of the other 17 cities!

Total mileage: 36ish

My mileage was higher than planned again this week. I say higher than planned but in reality I have no plan. I’m still trying to figure out routes with my garmin and I don’t know how far I’ve run until I get home. Plus, I keep getting lost on the way to November Project so that’s always good… I’m not trying to make sure I run 30 miles, or 40.0, or anything in between. All that matters is that I’m running the amount I want, when I want. I’m making sure to take at least one rest day a week but sometimes I will need two days. I’m joining Rev Cycle in the new few weeks so you’ll most likely see a lot more spinning classes on my agenda with less running mileage, but other than that nothing should change in terms of my running schedule. I’m also hoping to make it to yoga soon, I just haven’t had time to get back to Sid Yoga yet.

Runner’s World Festival!

Remember that time I went to Boston in June for the Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Festival as a blog ambassador and it was the greatest weekend of my life? Yea, me too. It was so cool meeting other bloggers and the Runner’s World PR team and editors. Oh,and Shalane Flanagan and Sarah Reinertsen. The races were so well-executed and I had the best time. It was really hard to say goodbye at the end of the weekend.

West End Johnnies Runners World Festival!

Well, lucky for me, I’ve been invited back again. Only this time, I’ll be heading to Emmaus, PA to the Runner’s World headquarters for the Runner’s World Half and Festival October 17-19. I can’t wait. I used to run in Bethlehem for track and cross country so it will be fun to go check out some familiar areas and see the historic downtown! The course was notoriously hilly last year but apparently they’ve changed it up a bit so it shouldn’t be quite as bad as heartbreak hill in Boston. At least I hope not… I won’t be training on hills now that I’m living in downtown Baltimore where 90% of my runs are done on flat docks. Anyways, the entire weekend is going to be so much fun! Just check out some of the events below!

Screen Shot 2014 06 06 at 5.22.52 PM Runners World Festival!

  • Seminars
  • Live music
  • Running films
  • Prerace dinner with Runner’s World editors
  • Kids races and children’s programming (Saturday)
  • 5K and 10K races (Saturday)
  • Dog run (Saturday)
  • Half marathon (Sunday)

OR if you’re crazy like me, you can sign up for all three races and make it a hat trick! The 5k and 10k are back to back on Saturday and the half marathon is on Sunday. When I did it this summer it was the most I’ve ever run. I had never done back-to-back races before but I didn’t race any of them so it wasn’t too bad. I’m planning on running all three for fun again with the other bloggers- I’ve never laughed so hard in my life as I did last time we ran the races together.

Screen Shot 2014 06 13 at 3.19.28 PM Runners World Festival!

Heather and I

Runner’s World was nice enough to send over a discount code for all Picky Runner readers! Sign up using the following codes and you’ll get 10% off your race entry!

Screen Shot 2014 08 12 at 8.17.34 PM Runners World Festival!

I hope to see you there icon smile Runners World Festival!