Contain the Excitement

In true Thursday fashion, it’s time for some Thinking Out Loud. No time for an intro today, last night was busy. Seems like the name of the game these days.

thinking out loud Contain the Excitement

1) MY PARENTS COME DOWN TOMORROW. I can’t believe I haven’t seen them in a month. I can’t believe I’ve been here for almost a month. In some ways it feels like I’ve been back forever, but in others it feels like I just said goodbye to my family yesterday. Weird.

2) I don’t know what I’m more excited about- seeing my parents… or getting a bed. They obviously go hand in hand since my parents are bringing the bed with them, but I’m pretty sure I’m never going to want to get out of bed once I have it. The air mattress is cool and all…. but I’m ready to actually get a good night’s sleep for the first time in a month.

10592230 10202650020994798 1799486012 n2 Contain the Excitement

3) In ONE WEEK I am flying back to Jamestown for labor day weekend. As hard as it is to believe, I really haven’t thought about #boatlife a whole lot since I’ve been here. It probably comes up once every couple days. Coming from the girl who’s entire existence was based around living on a boat for 5 summers, that’s saying a lot. That being said, I can’t wait to be back. The dockboys keep snapchatting me telling me they miss me (okay, that’s an exaggeration but they do keep sending me pictures of my boat- I told them I needed them to keep an eye on it to make sure it was still floating when I got back).

 Contain the Excitement

4) Running has been good this week but I’m in need of a serious calf massage. I woke up Tuesday morning for my run and my calf felt really knotted again. I get worried when that happens because I’m afraid the compartment syndrome will come back. The problem is, my massage therapist has a very limited schedule and it doesn’t work well with my job. I’m trying to squeeze myself in for an appointment though because I know it’s important and I need to stay ahead of it. I’m not about to lose another 3-4 months of running over me being stupid.

10622074 10202753153213039 401905758 n Contain the Excitement

5) This kid is going to college next week. Wait, what?

10469989 10202359693016780 1373587486 n Contain the Excitement

6) November Project left me insanely tired again yesterday. I usually fit in a decently long run (6ish miles) so it’s not just the stairs and I get a total body workout. Yesterday I ran home with two of my NP friends which was nice because I was distracted from thinking about how tired I was the entire 2 miles home. I think Thursdays are going to be a permanent rest day over here, save for a casual walk after work with my roommate.

10620969 10202745792109016 1688083215 n Contain the Excitement

from the #Betterthanbedtime event Sunday

7) Our third roommate moved in yesterday. I had met her once before but it’s definitely strange having 3 people living in our apartment instead of just two. I think it will be good, just different.

8) My friend and I went to watch a movie on the pier last night. I’ve been wanting to do it for a few weeks but never got around to it. It is so cool to sit by the docks with a huge projector. It’s too bad the summer is almost over because I’m pretty sure I’d go watch every week. We didn’t stay for long because I was too tired (the movie didn’t start until almost 9) but I love that it’s an option. City living is the best.

9) We went to Nacho Mama’s for lunch at work on Tuesday for a team lunch. I wasn’t hungry going in and the amount of food they brought us was insane. I ate a few chips before my sandwich came and when it finally did, I only finished about 1/4 of it. I was stuffed to the brim. I think I’m going to like these company events.

10592062 10202753152893031 2071243847 n Contain the Excitement

10) I have another busy weekend ahead of me. Between going out with a friend tonight, my parent’s coming tomorrow afternoon, working at the store Saturday, and spending time with my family again Sunday, it’s going to be a good one. Hopefully a little less crazy than the past few weekends have been so I can maybe feel a little more settled in my apartment, but life is pretty good right now so I can’t really complain.

Do you go out for lunches at work?

Do you find getting regular massages keeps you from getting injured?

It’s Just Food.

Picky Runner started as a space where I could talk about my journey navigating the world of collegiate running while recovering from an eating disorder. Since then, I not only quit track and cross country but I also graduated from college, and my eating disorder is a thing of the past. Over the past 2 years, my readership has changed as I have grown into the next stage of life. I transitioned away from talking about college sports and struggles I’m having with food and now talk about November Project and eating $10 ice cream cones. I can’t say I hate it.

10543827 10202689499701741 836363477 n Its Just Food.

In the past, when I’ve gone through a major life change (i.e. going to college, studying abroad, going through a breakup, etc.), I’ve relapsed back into disordered habits. It starts out innocently enough, with me just forcing myself back into my comfortable little bubble, and then it escalates to something more serious. I am happy to say that I have not had any sort of symptoms/thoughts/tendencies to revert back to my old ways in well over 6 months.

This move would have been a major concern of my parents’ in the past but this time they sent me off excited, albeit sad that I was once again leaving, this time more permanently. I think a huge part of me wanted to stay in New England forever because it’s safe. I’d be near my family, it’s comfortable, and it’s the plan I had imagined for myself years ago. Making the decision not to follow through with that plan was a huge sign of growth for me and it didn’t go unnoticed by my family or myself.

As I’ve acclimated into my new life, I’ve realized just how ridiculous my thought process used to be. In reality, it’s just food. That doesn’t mean I’m suddenly trying new foods left right and sideways (I’m not) but it does mean I’m eating pizza at midnight on the way home from the bars because I can, that I will happily pay $10 for ice cream and that I will wander over to the snack cabinet at work at least 4 times a day. I have tried new foods (hello, gluten free baked ziti) and drinks (my first shot).

10588746 10202652320052273 1573962733 n1 Its Just Food.

Because at the end of the day, it’s just food.

My body has been noticeably hungrier since I’ve moved. At first I couldn’t figure out why. My mileage hasn’t really changed much, I’m not eating out of boredom, and I’m not eating any differently than I was back at the boat. In the past, seeing our snack wall of starburst, cheez its, pretzels, etc. staring me in the face every day at my desk would have thrown me. I would have stressed over it. Instead, it has saved me. When I don’t pack enough food to tame the hunger beast (cough every day), I march right on up to the snack wall and find all of the red starbursts, grab a few handfuls of honey wheat pretzels, or make myself another cup of hot chocolate.

10581104 10202727578653691 1733738158 n1 Its Just Food.

my daily breakfast

Because at the end of the day, it’s just food.

If our bodies are hungrier than usual, we need to feed them. I forgot that living in a city means I’m more active than normal. Even if I’m not running any more than usual and I work at a desk job, I’m still walking to work every day, going for nighttime strolls with my roommate, and exploring the docks outside my apartment. My body is naturally going to be hungrier than normal because I’m more active than normal.

10578163 10202671699096737 1228267559 n Its Just Food.

we had a date/evening stroll along the water last night

There have been days where I’ve eaten so much I feel like I’m going to explode. Is it uncomfortable? Absolutely. Am I upset about it? Not in the least. That $10 ice cream was the best $10 I’ve ever spent. I may have vowed never to do it again after suffering through12 miles the next morning (and then did it again a week later…), but it had nothing to do with the calories or the sugar or anything nutritionally related. I didn’t love the way my body felt after, but it was more than worth it because it tasted good and it was part of a fun night out with friends.

10592278 10202688492196554 1501292752 n Its Just Food.

There have also been days where my appetite is non-existent. Last weekend, the day of the wedding, I literally wasn’t hungry at all. I had a slightly larger-than-average breakfast, ate a snack halfway through the day at the running store, and then I was planning on eating at the event. Except when we got there, I wasn’t very hungry so I ate a mini burger and a macaroon and called it a day. It wasn’t the smartest decision, especially because I also woke up the next morning with no appetite and therefore didn’t eat for several more hours causing me to feel pretty dizzy/nauseous at November Project Sunday afternoon, but I just wasn’t hungry. Later that night, my appetite caught back up with me again and I laid in bed with a box of cheerios next to me while I was reading.

10617576 10202745792389023 781303384 n1 Its Just Food.

Because when you go with what your body is craving, it will all even out. I didn’t need that giant ice cream but I wanted it at the time. And then I wasn’t very hungry the next day and craved a lot of fresh produce. Ever since I got myself into trouble with counting calories/tracking what I eat, I know to stay away from that subject entirely. To me, eating a zbar is no different than a quest bar. Eating peanut butter is no better than pretzels, and celery is no better than an apple. Ice cream is just as important in my diet as grilled chicken and I’ll never turn down a steak because I’ve hit my “quota” of red meat.

Food is food. That’s it. I know that some people need to track their diets for various reasons (allergies, weight loss, etc.) but I am a firm believer that our bodies will regulate themselves as long as we eat relatively normally. I know that I’m more in tune with my hunger/cravings than I’ve ever been and it didn’t take me counting calories or macros to get there.

Food is a social thing. And there is nothing more fun than getting pizza from BOP at midnight next to Gumby. Unfortunately I was too focused on my food to take a picture.

No questions today. Share your thoughts.

Wedding Ready

This weekend was a whirlwind. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I’m way behind on blogs and all forms of social media- until 11pm last night, I hadn’t touched my laptop since I left work at 4 on Friday. It was nice to not be scrolling twitter and instagram and sitting on my laptop for hours. While I wasn’t 100% unplugged, in some ways I was because I was just with people all weekend and therefore not on my phone much at all.

Thursday night my roommate’s best friend came into town so we all went out for drinks after I got out of work. It should have been a good time… but Fells was dead and we were getting hit on by 40 year old married men. Basically the night was a bust. I’m a terrible wing(wo)man.

10602656 10202723826679894 1863441307 n Wedding Ready

Friday I had an early release at work so I treated myself to a manicure (let’s be honest- I couldn’t show up at a wedding looking like a 4-year-old had painted my nails which is what would happen if I had done it myself). Then I hung out with my friend from school and my roommate and her friend. We ate dinner on our classy floor and then went out for drinks and I was in bed by 11. Wild Friday nights at our place. I blame it on being tired from November Project.

10602865 10202727302646791 885242275 n Wedding Ready

If you can’t tell, I get kind of excited to run

Saturday was an early morning. 10 solo waterfront miles later, I jumped in the shower and packed my things before I left for the day since I wouldn’t be able to go back home after work and wouldn’t be home until the following night. The only downside to the run was that my garmin broke at mile 4 out of 10. The clock kept going but the GPS stopped so apparently I ran 4 20 minute miles instead of 10 8 minute miles…

10609056 10202723826999902 1468495744 n Wedding Ready

Not a bad view for a long run

MY FIRST SHIFT BACK AT THE STORE WAS AMAZING. I missed it there so, so much. The Saturday crew is probably my favorite group to work with so this was awesome. The customers that come in are so great and the smile never left my face all day. I seriously am the happiest at Charm City Run. I just feel like I’m totally in my element there and it’s awesome. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s more than worth working 6 days a week. Everyone kept saying they’ve never seen someone love working there as much as I do. Probably accurate. I also found out that one of my newer coworkers actually follows my blog, so that was pretty cool too. I’m not really used to people coming up to me yet but it’s been happening more since I moved back to Baltimore.

10374140 10202215896221950 1093502397 n Wedding Ready

After work I headed straight to Nordstrom. For those of you who know me in real life (or have been reading for awhile), you know I am very low-maintenance. I don’t wear makeup, I don’t do anything to my hair, and I rarely get dressed up. But for a wedding, that’s not really an option. So Nordstrom hooked me up with a mini makeover so I didn’t look like a clown. It was a little much for my taste (and made an absolute mess later that night) especially around the eyes, but it doesn’t happen often so we’ll let it slide. I didn’t have time to do my hair since I was meeting my friend straight from work/nordstrom. And I chipped my nails before the wedding even started. Talk about the least girly person ever.

10582316 10202732554578086 1025001875 n Wedding Ready

excuse my french.

The wedding itself was incredible. It was at the Walters Art Museum and everything was absolutely beautiful. I went as someone’s plus one and the entire thing was sponsored by Uber and some other major companies. It was more of a party than a traditional ceremony and you could explore the museum while you were there. I had such a great time. They had mini burgers and chicken and waffles (along with other really fancy foods that I didn’t touch) for some reason my appetite was non-existent all night so I didn’t eat much of a dinner. Except we missed the cake. That was a let down. I did try a macaroon which was good though. My feet were in the most pain I’ve ever experienced from heels, I’m pretty sure. I took them off before we walked home. I probably caught at least 10 diseases, but I couldn’t stand it any longer.

10609204 10202737241415254 2013490769 n e1408337613117 Wedding Ready

Sunday was a big catch up day. Obviously we didn’t get much sleep Saturday night so it was a lazy morning. I slept until 11:30am! I haven’t slept past 8am in MONTHS and past 10 in 2 years. After a giant bagel and hot chocolate from THB, I headed to the pool with my friend before November Project’s Better than Bedtime! We ran a 5k and then went to a bar after. I felt really nauseous because of the heat, dehydration (from drinking the night before), and not eating anywhere near enough food in the previous 24 hours. I stayed for about 10 minutes of the “after party” before running home to shower and eat. I ended up going back to meet up with everyone later and then out for pizza with a couple people. Good decision. Except it made for another late Sunday night.

Screen Shot 2014 08 17 at 11.31.06 PM Wedding Ready

best NP leaders out there

Basically, I need a weekend to recover. My roommate and I stayed up until 1am last night recapping our weekends to each other because we haven’t seen each other since Friday. It was also her birthday so naturally we had to celebrate- by me sitting on the floor eating out of a cereal box while we caught up.

Do you like to get dressed up?

What did you do this weekend?

Training 8/11-8/17

So last week I ended up running 43 miles. That was too many for me, especially the week of a race. This week I toned it down a bit and went back to the 30-35mile range because it is clearly working well for me based on last weekend’s performance at Charles Street 12. This week I ran 36 miles which is more reasonable.

Screen Shot 2014 08 14 at 8.09.40 AM Training 8/11 8/17

I haven’t been mentioning it here because it doesn’t really count to me as part of my “workout” but I walk to work every day which is just under 2 miles round trip. However, I’ve noticed the extra activity so I do need to take it into account (in terms of eating, recovery, etc) even if I don’t count it as part of my weekly mileage.

Mon- 6 miles. I was still incredibly sore but I knew it would help loosen me up. It did.

Tues- OFF. I wasn’t home Tuesday morning so it was the perfect excuse for a rest day.

Wed- November Project (6 miles)- I ran the 2 miles there, we did 125 mountain climbers, 100 squats, 75 lunges, 50 pushups, and 25 box jumps with stairs and a lap of running between each set of exercises, then I ran the 3 miles home. I woke up Thursday morning unable to move.

Screen Shot 2014 08 13 at 8.26.12 PM Training 8/11 8/17

Thurs- OFF. I’ve never been in so much pain in my life.

Fri- November Project (7.5 miles). I limped the 2 miles there, ran 3.7 miles of hills, and then limped my way home. I was still unbelievably sore from Wednesday’s workout.

Capture1 Training 8/11 8/17

Sat- 10 miles. I had a busy day at the store and then a wedding last night so I knew I’d be happier if I got a solid run in. I took it extra slow and ran on the docks for the entire time. It flew by.

Sun-November Project Run (6 miles including running there and back). We’re doing the Better than Bedtime Run tonight starting at Patterson Park at 4:45! It’s about a 5k and ends at an undisclosed location with “adult beverages.” You should join if you’re in the area or in any of the other 17 cities!

Total mileage: 36ish

My mileage was higher than planned again this week. I say higher than planned but in reality I have no plan. I’m still trying to figure out routes with my garmin and I don’t know how far I’ve run until I get home. Plus, I keep getting lost on the way to November Project so that’s always good… I’m not trying to make sure I run 30 miles, or 40.0, or anything in between. All that matters is that I’m running the amount I want, when I want. I’m making sure to take at least one rest day a week but sometimes I will need two days. I’m joining Rev Cycle in the new few weeks so you’ll most likely see a lot more spinning classes on my agenda with less running mileage, but other than that nothing should change in terms of my running schedule. I’m also hoping to make it to yoga soon, I just haven’t had time to get back to Sid Yoga yet.

Runner’s World Festival!

Remember that time I went to Boston in June for the Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Festival as a blog ambassador and it was the greatest weekend of my life? Yea, me too. It was so cool meeting other bloggers and the Runner’s World PR team and editors. Oh,and Shalane Flanagan and Sarah Reinertsen. The races were so well-executed and I had the best time. It was really hard to say goodbye at the end of the weekend.

West End Johnnies Runners World Festival!

Well, lucky for me, I’ve been invited back again. Only this time, I’ll be heading to Emmaus, PA to the Runner’s World headquarters for the Runner’s World Half and Festival October 17-19. I can’t wait. I used to run in Bethlehem for track and cross country so it will be fun to go check out some familiar areas and see the historic downtown! The course was notoriously hilly last year but apparently they’ve changed it up a bit so it shouldn’t be quite as bad as heartbreak hill in Boston. At least I hope not… I won’t be training on hills now that I’m living in downtown Baltimore where 90% of my runs are done on flat docks. Anyways, the entire weekend is going to be so much fun! Just check out some of the events below!

Screen Shot 2014 06 06 at 5.22.52 PM Runners World Festival!

  • Seminars
  • Live music
  • Running films
  • Prerace dinner with Runner’s World editors
  • Kids races and children’s programming (Saturday)
  • 5K and 10K races (Saturday)
  • Dog run (Saturday)
  • Half marathon (Sunday)

OR if you’re crazy like me, you can sign up for all three races and make it a hat trick! The 5k and 10k are back to back on Saturday and the half marathon is on Sunday. When I did it this summer it was the most I’ve ever run. I had never done back-to-back races before but I didn’t race any of them so it wasn’t too bad. I’m planning on running all three for fun again with the other bloggers- I’ve never laughed so hard in my life as I did last time we ran the races together.

Screen Shot 2014 06 13 at 3.19.28 PM Runners World Festival!

Heather and I

Runner’s World was nice enough to send over a discount code for all Picky Runner readers! Sign up using the following codes and you’ll get 10% off your race entry!

Screen Shot 2014 08 12 at 8.17.34 PM Runners World Festival!

I hope to see you there icon smile Runners World Festival!


TOL: I don’t even know.

1) I’m too tired to come up with a title for this post. So it’s just a regular old thinking out loud. It’s been a busy week as usual over in my neck of the woods between Carrie visiting and a late night out Monday. Not complaining at all- I’ve enjoyed every minute of the craziness- but I’m pretty much just accepting the fact that I am going to be exhausted until September.

thinking out loud TOL: I dont even know.

2) It wouldn’t be a TOL post without November Project. I may need to start making an entire post about it now that it’s twice a week. There are too many cool pictures to share! This week was just as awesome as usual. I’ve been running to the workouts so I count them as a “run day.” Before, I would consider the workout a cross training day when in reality it isn’t at all. It’s an intense workout and I’m usually sore for days after. Building it into my weekly mileage has definitely given my body more time to recover on the real rest days, which I’m doing my best to take at least once a week.

10587009 10202714559768227 722886166 o 1024x683 TOL: I dont even know.


Screen Shot 2014 08 13 at 8.26.12 PM TOL: I dont even know.


10596917 10202714560088235 1936403018 o 1024x683 TOL: I dont even know.

3) The rain flooded the road at my apartment Tuesday. It’s a good thing I don’t drive anywhere because otherwise I’m pretty sure my car wouldn’t have made it. We had 6+ inches of water in the road. My mom asked if my bed floated away. Practically…

10590019 10202713265415869 1112529405 n TOL: I dont even know.

4) I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of my job. When I first did my job shadow during the interview, I was legitimately concerned that I wouldn’t be able to handle it. The first official day was still pretty overwhelming but now that I’m more than 2 full weeks in, I’m able to do a lot on my own. Well, technically I’m still shadowing but I’m doing most of the work while I’m sitting at my coworkers’ desks each day while they watch to make sure I’m doing it right. I actually really like trafficking. It’s kind of like a puzzle…for 9 hours a day.

5) I had to say goodbye to Carrie on Tuesday. It was awesome having her around for so many days and hanging out doing typical Baltimore things with my roommate. It felt so natural for the three of us to just hang out. And when I wasn’t home, they hung out together so I didn’t have to feel bad about doing other things. It was just practice for when we’re roommates in Boston one day…

10544824 10202697801309276 1847807 n1 TOL: I dont even know.

6) I can’t wait until I have a bed again. I’m not homesick at all anymore. Not even for the boat, which is the biggest surprise of all. Maybe that’s because my apartment is essentially an upgrade on boat life with the views. I feel at home here and I’m loving every second of my life. But I am ready for a real bed. Waking up on a deflated air mattress every morning isn’t exactly ideal. At the rate I’m going I’m going to need a massage asap.

10592230 10202650020994798 1799486012 n2 TOL: I dont even know.

7) On that note, moving into a recently renovated apartment has its downsides. All of our appliances are brand new, but so far our washing machine doesn’t have a plug, the dishwasher doesn’t wash dishes and smells like burning plastic, our floors had to be ripped out, the fridge was missing an icemaker, the A/C unit above our bedrooms was causing obnoxious vibrating noises, the cable boxes were painted over and can’t be used, the doorknob on the third bedroom falls off… I could continue but I’ll stop there. With that being said, my roommate and I agreed we wouldn’t trade this place for the world.

10565112 10202517085143663 6285729794680895752 n TOL: I dont even know.

8) I kind of want to shift this blog back to its running roots anyways and away from the personal talk all the time.  I’m at a point in my life where it’s exhausting recapping everything and I’m happier going out with friends and not feeling like I have to take pictures just for the blog. Obviously I’ll still share bits and pieces about my life, but I’m definitely going to move away from my random life updates and hopefully talk about running some more now that I’m back at it consistently again.

10536483 10202689856070650 220155566 n TOL: I dont even know.

10) I have the best weekend ahead of me. Ladies night tonight with my roommate, early release at work Friday (we have a half day every Friday in August), working at Charm City Run all day Saturday, I’m going to a wedding with a friend Saturday night, and November Project is having a special run Sunday night in 17 cities. I literally couldn’t imagine a more perfect couple of days. I’m also exhausted just looking at that schedule.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods?

Charles Street 12 (1:30:11)

I signed up for Charles Street 12 in March when I was still working at the running store. It was originally supposed to be part of my “vacation” away from the boat when I came back to visit my friends here. I should probably start by explaining that this race was destined to be terrible from the beginning. I kind of forgot about it until the week before, Carrie was in town, we were out late stuffing our faces with burgers and ice cream until 11pm, I barely slept all night because I dreamt that I got arrested (don’t ask…), and I had a 5:45am alarm before meeting Lauren at 6:30. I woke up with the worst stomachache ever and was just hoping to finish. 12 miles is no joke when you haven’t run high mileage in months.

10595961 10202686723192330 1313278478 n Charles Street 12 (1:30:11)

I demolished this

Once Lauren’s boyfriend dropped us off in Towson at the start, we hit up the porta potties and chatted with some of Lauren’s marathon training group friends before I wandered off to meet Sam! We both went to school in Towson and we’re both from NH so we were destined to meet eventually. It was awesome to finally meet her in person! That’s probably the coolest part about blogging- you get to meet SO many new people.

10543785 10202689856710666 525658925 n Charles Street 12 (1:30:11)

I found some friends from the running store and chatted with them for awhile until it was almost time to line up. I love my coworkers. We get pretty competitive with each other because they don’t like the fact that my times are pretty similar to theirs (they’re guys) but we always have a good time. Then I found Lauren again and we wandered towards the start. We met a blog reader (Hey Katy!!) as we were walking over- I can’t tell you how strange it is that people actually recognize you in the “real world” but it’s also really awesome.

Even though I don’t make “goals,” I kind of wanted to see where my fitness levels were at. My “C” goal was to be under 8-minute pace, but on a deeper level I wanted to see if I could hold 7:40 paces again. I haven’t done that in a long race since my first half marathon 2 years ago. However, as I stated above, I pretty much threw that goal out the window after a late night with my roommate and Carrie. But in my mind, running a mediocre race was more than worth it for the ice cream and company.

10592278 10202688492196554 1501292752 n Charles Street 12 (1:30:11)

The gun went off and I was boxed in pretty badly. I tend to go out hard though so this worked to my advantage in forcing me to hold back instead of taking it out at 6:40 pace which I’ve been known to do. It finally thinned out about a half mile in and I settled in with the group of people I ended up finishing the race with. I crossed mile 1 at 7:43 pace, right on target.

Miles 2-7 flew by. As in, I was kind of sad that I wasn’t running longer. I saw the owner at Charm City Run along with my coworkers at water stops and I started laughing and choked on water. I felt like I was just running along the same route I used to do every day when I lived in Towson. I didn’t feel like I was pushing myself all that hard and part of me wanted to but I knew I needed to hold back. I was having a blast, essentially, and I loved that I was with the same group of people for most of the race. There were even some blog readers that yelled to me as I ran by (thank you!!!). My miles ranged from 7:10-7:25 during those miles, except mile 3 (?) where the hill was I ran a 7:40. I was literally shocked that I was feeling so strong and realized that if it were a half marathon, I’d PR.

Once I hit mile 7, it did start to get tougher even though the terrain was flattening out. My quads were on fire from the hills in Towson and I was getting tired because my body isn’t really used to running much more than 6 miles at a time right now. I also stupidly did a 7 mile hill workout at November Project the day before. I managed to hold 7:27 pace for most of those miles. At mile 7, I also thought to myself, “Aw, I only have 3 miles left. That sucks, I want to keep going.” (I actually had 5 miles left) Apparently math isn’t my forte when I’m racing.

Once I got to mile 8 I caught up with two girls from Charm City Run that I work with and we chatted for a few minutes. One of my good friends was waiting at mile 9 to cheer for me. I was so focused on saying hi to him that I didn’t catch my split, but I’d guess it was right around 7:20 again.

10536483 10202689856070650 220155566 n Charles Street 12 (1:30:11)

Mile 10 I was just hanging on for dear life but it was also my fastest split- 7:02.  It must have been primarily downhill or something because I don’t remember running that fast. I was getting pretty tired at this point and I no longer was wishing the race was longer. My mindset changed from, “Running is awesome!” to “Are we done yet?” but I was also still enjoying myself.

Mile 11 was the hardest mentally. My splits slowed to 7:40 pace again and I wasn’t really able to kick it in but I finished with a big smile on my face and realized how excited I was. I have never run a 7:30 average for a race that long. My official time was a 1:30:11. My half marathon PR is a 1:39:50, which is closer to a 7:45 pace. I cannot believe I ran the race I did. It wasn’t strategically run by any means, but it was one I’m extremely happy with. It was the best way to kick off the fall racing season.

10589150 10202689498981723 35020727 n Charles Street 12 (1:30:11)

After I found Lauren, we wandered around the post-race party, I chatted with some more running store coworkers, said hi to Lisa, snapped a picture with November Project friends, and then made the long walk/limp back to my car before I got some pancakes into my system. All in all, I would say this race was extremely successful and it made me realize that I don’t need to run 50 miles a week to be a strong runner. My body is running well on 30 miles a week. I gained back my confidence which is such a great feeling.

Would I run Charles Street 12 again? Absolutely.

10609055 10202689498581713 2103279352 n1 Charles Street 12 (1:30:11)Have you ever had those races that totally shocked you and made you realize what you were capable of?

Do you like to plan out your races or do you wing it?

I definitely do best when I just wing it even though I like to think I’ll be better following a strict plan.

Baltimore Tourists

This weekend I had a special visitor… Carrie came to town! It was seriously an awesome weekend. Having my Rhode Island friend to show around Baltimore was a freaking blast. This weekend was everything it should have been. I felt like I was on cloud 9 the entire time. My roommate and I are quickly becoming close friends so it was great that the three of us were able to hang out the entire time. We’ve decided Carrie needs to take over the third bedroom…

10592278 10202688492196554 1501292752 n Baltimore Tourists …We saw an anime convention. We also decided we need to become friends with them but I don’t think we’d quite fit in with their costumes though.

10544824 10202697801309276 1847807 n Baltimore Tourists

…We ate copious amounts of food…mainly ice cream. Yes, this cone does have sprinkles baked in.

10543827 10202689499701741 836363477 n Baltimore Tourists

…We brunched at Miss Shirley’s. My favorite breakfast place. I was defeated by the pancakes for the first time ever. Must have been all the ice cream from the night before.

Screen Shot 2014 08 09 at 4.58.17 PM Baltimore Tourists

…We took our first roommate picture.

10565112 10202517085143663 6285729794680895752 n Baltimore Tourists

…We observed the artwork… I really wanted to go for a ride.

10608875 10202688492036550 403588574 n Baltimore Tourists

…We made baked ziti.


…We caught up on life.

Screen Shot 2014 08 09 at 8.06.40 PM Baltimore Tourists

Pickyrunner Baltimore

…We went shopping.

10609031 10202697802429304 80005058 n Baltimore Tourists

…We went out to the bars.

10601257 10202693034510109 1213271930 n Baltimore Tourists

…We posed in front of Dick’s Last Resort like total Baltimore tourists. Apparently I missed the memo.

10601168 10202697802149297 258323368 n Baltimore Tourists

Apparently I missed the memo…

…I ran a really great race with Lauren and my other November Project friends. I’ll post about it tomorrow!

10609055 10202689498581713 2103279352 n Baltimore Tourists

I seriously had one of the best weekends. I say that every weekend, but this was the real deal. I was surrounded by SO many of my friends, it was amazing. I can’t tell you how hard I laughed, how great it was to catch up with my Rhode Island friend, and how happy I was to be where I was in that moment. It was perfect. The only thing that would have been better was if we were out on Cassandra like old times. But I’d say we did pretty well with what we had. I have plans tonight with a friend so we won’t be spending her last night in town together, but it’s been awesome to have a friend from my other life here for the weekend.

Have you ever been a tourist in your own city?

Did anyone race this weekend?

Back in Training

No, I still don’t have any real goals. But I did “race” yesterday. The reason I say “back in training” is because I’m officially registered for the Runner’s World Hat Trick in October! More details to come but I’m so glad they invited me out to their headquarters in Emmaus, PA because the Heartbreak Hill Half was easily one of the best experiences I’ve had since I started blogging. So here’s my week in “training”:

Mon- Run 6.2

Tues- Run 6.3 + 3ish mile evening walk with my roommate

Wed- NOVEMBER PROJECT (6ish miles run there and back) + 3ish mile evening walk with my roommate

1 lap 
15 burpees 
2 sets of stairs 
50 box jumps 
1 lap 
70 mountain climbers 
2 sets of stairs 
70 mountain climbers 
1 lap 
50 box jumps 
2 sets of stairs 
15 burpees 
1 lap
10435834 766650303398810 6640936139231923161 n1 Back in Training

First time doing Box Jumps in TWO YEARS

Thurs- OFF

Fri- NOVEMBER PROJECT (7.5ish miles). We did a butt ton of hills. I almost died but in the best way. I tried to take it easy before Charles Street 12, but I wasn’t about to miss the first Friday workout ever! I got kind of lost on the way there and back so the whole workout shouldn’t have been more than 6 miles… you can see how far off track I got on that. Oops.

10577900 10202684895306634 1355095620 n Back in Training

Sat- Charles Street 12! Recap to come!!! Cliff Notes: It went REALLY WELL. I feel like a different runner.10609205 10202689499581738 1909248173 n Back in Training

Sun- 4.8 miles/ wandering around Baltimore with Carrie

So while I’m saying I’m “training” again, I’m still really just following along with what I was doing before. The thing is, I don’t really like speed workouts and I hate lifting/cross training. In reality, I’m not going to do anything differently than what I was doing before. I ran closer to 36 miles this week (I’ve been running 28-30 for the past few months) and I liked the increased mileage, but my body felt it. I was so hungry all week long. I couldn’t get enough food in me and I know that has a lot to do with the added commute and activity (more about that in another post). My legs were wicked tired/sore by Thursday so I knew I needed the day completely off, not just going to yoga or spinning.

The best part about being back at November Project is that I get in a built in speed workouts twice a week and I actually enjoy them. I know I’m going to continue to get stronger and faster with every Wednesday workout. I can already see the difference between now and when I was last there in May. My base has been built back up which is awesome and I’m so much stronger than I was. I’m excited to see what I can do now that I’m back and uninjured.

I don’t know how closely you’ve been following along my social media adventures, but those “evening walks” I went on with my roommates were to interview gyms. We’re lucky to live close enough to both the MAC or the Merritt Athletic Club that we can walk there. We went to the MAC the first day and while the facilities were gorgeous, the price tag was not and I didn’t love the class options/schedule (aka the only reason I use a gym). Then, when we toured the Merritt I wasn’t as impressed after seeing the MAC and I don’t like Les Mills classes so that was a major turn off. I’ve decided I’m going to join Rev Cycle for the month of September (there’s a deal for $50 instead of $125) and then decide what to do from there. I don’t need a gym, so there’s no reason to pay $100/month for one. The only place I’d consider paying that kind of money would be at Rev, but I want to wait until it gets colder because I’m pretty content running along the harbor for the summer/fall months.

November Project Baltimore

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post strictly about November Project. That’s mostly because it’s been awhile since I’ve been a regular at November Project Baltimore. It’s funny, sometimes I forget that November Project isn’t common knowledge. There are people in the fitness community that don’t know about it and whenever I mention it in passing I get blank stares. As you can probably imagine, I talk about it a lot so those glazed-over eyes are a common occurrence. I just really love it. It’s kind of like I’ve found “my people.”

10174827 766650586732115 6167341467726978602 n November Project Baltimore

The thing is, until you’re a member of the tribe, you don’t truly understand what makes November Project Baltimore- or any November Project, for that matter- so special. So for those of you who aren’t familiar with it, I’ll give you the rundown.

1010813 675921525805022 1230485973 n1 November Project Baltimore

Who- anyone and everyone! We have kids, students, 20, 30, 40-somethings, dogs….. That’s the best part about November project- we welcome anybody who wants to participate! I have friends ask if you have to be some all star athlete. The answer is that you don’t. It doesn’t matter what ability level you are. Anybody can do it. The workouts are tailored to the individual.

What- A FREE fitness community. We really like stairs, burpees, running, hugging, laughing, smiling, box jumps, planking, and everything in between. It’s hard to explain it, hence the hashtag #justshowup.

10152554 708553472541827 50073209969704152 n1 November Project Baltimore

Where- Wednesdays at Rash Field (Federal Hill) and Fridays in Patterson Park

When- Every Wednesday and Friday at 6:30am, and now Wednesdays at 5:30 too!

Why- ITS FUN. I guarantee that it will make your entire day better. You’ll go to work with a huge smile on your face still running on the endorphins from the morning’s workout. Plus, once you’re a part of the community, everyone stays connected outside of the workouts. Whether we’re meeting up at a bar, at a concert, a fitness event, or for a run after work, there’s always something going on.

10255762 702869269776914 5562728024129869249 n2 November Project Baltimore

When you first walk into November Project, you’ll be greeted by a lot of hugs. Sweaty ones if you’re lucky. I remember thinking it was so strange the first time I ran up the stairs of federal hill. I knew nobody and people were cheering for me in the pitch black. As soon as I made it to the top, they all started hugging me. I kind of wanted to be like, “Hey now… back off. I don’t know you.” but I didn’t and I kept coming back again and again. Now, my November Project friends are some of my best friends in Baltimore.

10547553 766650613398779 8061191823690774067 n2 November Project Baltimore

November Project has totally changed my outlook on running, fitness, Baltimore, and most importantly, myself. There is nowhere I’d rather be on a Wednesday (and now Friday) morning. Please come join the party and say hello!

10338305 723824051014769 2256799511385948441 n1 November Project Baltimore

Did I convince you? Drop your verbal on twitter or on the facebook page! If you don’t live in Baltimore, there is a November Project located in 17 different cities now. See if your nearest city has one yet!