Workouts 9/19-9/25

Hello from paradise! Internet is limited (aka I have none and pre-wrote this post) so I won’t be checking in after today, but I did want to pop in and share my workouts last week.

Mon– 4 miles November Project + yoga with Brittany

The workout was about 1.5 miles from my apartment so I did some extra loops to get to 4. The workout itself was a deck of cards with a ton of core work. There were scissor kicks, side plank oblique crunches, boat pose, and another exercise that I’m blanking on at the moment. We played a game of War with partners, so whoever lost had to run to one of the four corners of the park and back. The winner would plank while the loser ran. At the end, we did 4 minutes of burpees. OUCH. 

After all of my interviews were over (and I had a job!!!), I celebrated with a yoga class at Wellness in Motion before going to Dillon’s for Jana’s birthday.

November Project November Project

Tues– 6.5 miles running

I went home to pick up a few things and see my parents, so I ran my favorite loop around the island. I was going to go longer but I just didn’t feel like it, to be honest. My hamstring felt okay so I didn’t want to push it.

Wed– 7 miles biking + November Project stadium x 1.5 (60ish sections)

It felt SO FREAKING GOOD to be back at the stadium. I haven’t run those stairs since mid-August. It hurt in the best way possible. My aunt has been wanting to join me so I met her at the 5:30 workout. She crushed it. After I finished the 37 sections, I jogged back to find her and run stairs for another 5 minutes until the time was up. Whenever they rang the cowbell, we had to drop and do 10 squats or 10 pushups. It was hard.

November Project

I was having so much fun I decided to stay for 6:30 too. I did another 20 or so sections and called it quits, then joined Jenna and crew on the turf for core and hip work. I also biked to and from the workout which was about 7 miles.

November Project

They really capture me at the most photogenic momentsūüėČ

Thurs-9 miles solo + Kick It by Eliza Class + 2.6 miles treadmill class

I was feeling it after Wednesday. I probably did a few too many stairs after being away for so long, but I missed it so oh well. I woke up more sore than I’ve been in months. My calves hurt way too much to run so I did some errands before heading out around 9. I went for a leisurely run along the esplanade. It was a gorgeous day and it felt so good to “sleep in” (until like 7) and not stress about applying for more jobs or preparing for interviews. I had only planned to do 6-8 miles but I felt so good (after the first mile) so I kept going. 

The. I met yo with Kyndal after she got out of work for New Balance’s Girls Night Out party. We took a Kick it By Eliza class, which I’ve done before. It’s a cardio-kickboxing-dance class. Love it love it.

Then I headed to the new Heartbreak Hill Treadmill studio for their launch party. They were having a trial class and I got roped into it. Those 20 minutes were hard and sweaty. But also Wesley fun despite hating the dreadmill. I highly recommend checking out their classes!

Fri-7 miles November Project

My flight wasn’t until later Friday morning so I had plenty of time to get in a nice sweat session before traveling for 8 hours. I got completely lost running to Summit Ave which is almost laughable because it’s a straight shot from my apartment. Then I did 4 hill repeats at the workout and instead of running home as planned, Kyndal gave me a ride. 


Sat– OFF (the plan)

We had to get up at the a$$ crack of dawn to drive to the resort which meant a rest day. Although I’d imagine we also will spend the day in the pool and doing some of the water sports on the beach.

Sun– 5 miles on the beach! (The plan)

We stayed at an all-inclusive resort for the weekend so we needed to get some exercise before trying to achieve our goal of eating at every restaurant on the property in 2 days.

Total: 34 miles 

The miles definitely weren’t where I had planned for them to be (closer to 40) but I did want to take it easy on my hamstring and I got in some really solid other workouts. Because I was in Boston for most of the week, I walked a ton of extra miles that I don’t account for on here. Starting this week I’m officially in taper mode for the Newport half in 2 weeks. I won’t be running much while I’m gone and I’m completely fine with that.

My focus for the next 7 days is to relax, soak up some sunshine, enjoy the time with my friend, and stay unplugged as much as possible. I hope you all had amazing weekends and that your week is off to a great start!

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EMPLOYED + Flying on a Jet Plane

And just like that, I’m off! I’ll be out of the country for the next 10 days visiting a really good friend of mine. We had planned for me to visit at the end of October, but when I found out I was laid off, I decided to go earlier. As it got closer, I started panicking, thinking I made a mistake booking my flights when I could be in the middle of interviews.

However, I’m happy to report that when I get back, I’ll be starting a new job! I’m so excited about this company. It’s the same position I was in before, but at a much larger agency to (hopefully) give me some long term stability and growth opportunities. It was a great lesson though and in some ways, I’m glad I went through it. Being laid off was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. It was a huge reality check, but it also provided me with a pretty incredible opportunity.

More on the job stuff later, though. Until the next chapter starts, I’ll be enjoying the sunshine with someone I haven’t seen in almost a year. I’m pretty freaking excited. 

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Workouts 9/12-9/18

Well hello there! It seems that I can only get my act together to post once a week these days. I’ve been in interviews all day, every day for almost two weeks straight now and when I’m not meeting with companies, I’m doing prep calls with recruiters or doing my own research. I’m exhausted but also energized at the same time. I had one pretty big disappointment early in the¬†week but it just means it wasn’t the right fit. Good thing, because I’m getting down to the wire before I leave the country on Friday (!!!!!) and I’d really like to have a job to go to when I get back.

Running wise, last¬†week was a good one. Newport half is just under 3 weeks away now. I won’t be running much while I’m away, so last week and this coming week are important. My hamstring is acting up¬†again, which I’m pretty sure is because I ramped up the mileage and stopped going to the stadium (which kept my glutes strong). I’m keeping an eye on it and I’m hoping to get in an active release session before the half.

Mon- 6 miles November Project + Yoga for Runners with Brittany

On the way to NP, I ran into one of the leaders, so we ran together to the Seaport where the Destination Deck was. It was a VERY speedy 3 miles (7:25 pace). The sunrise was incredible.

Sunrise boston

For the workout itself, we raced about 50 meters. If you lost, you did 50 sit-ups, 30 pushups, or 50 toe taps and then raced again. If you won, you’d advance to the next round. I wasn’t trying to race¬†because of my hamstring, so I didn’t win many (okay, I won once). I’m not naturally a very fast¬†sprinter so I probably would have come in last every time anyways, haha.

After, Kyndal gave me a ride to her office and I ran 2 miles home.

November Project

Tues Р7.5 miles Fenspeed

I decided not to do the mile time trial with everyone. It wouldn’t have been smart to try for a PR. Fortunately¬†for me, there were a few other girls feeling tight/not wanting to risk injury, so we jogged around the outside of the track for 5 miles while everyone else did the speed workout. I also ran about 2.5 miles to/from the track.


Wed – OFF

I woke up at home in Rhode Island and did not feel like exercising. So I didn’t.

Thurs Р5.75 mile run

I was planning to go a bit further but I had an early morning interview. My hamstring felt much better after taking Wednesday off. I ran the esplanade right at sunrise. The view from the Mass Ave bridge never gets old. Every time I run over it I can’t help but stop and think about how lucky I am to live in this city I’ve always dreamed about.

Boston Sunrise

Fri Р7.6 miles November Project

I was housesitting for my cousins Thursday-Sunday just outside the city and I had several interviews starting early so I decided to go to November Project to beat traffic and stay for the day until they were all over. No matter how consistently I go, Summit Ave never gets any easier. My hamstring felt fine but I kept my mileage a bit lower than a typical Friday.

November Project

Sat- Daybreaker Yoga + walk with my aunt

Saturday morning I attended a yoga class with Izzy Van Hall through Daybreaker. It was an outdoor event and while it was cold, I really enjoyed it. It was a very unique flow and I was with some of my NP friends. More to come on this! Later in the afternoon my aunt asked if I wanted to go for a walk with her. I love that she lives just a few blocks from me. We walked around the esplanade and caught up on life.

Sun Р10.5 miles + Walk with my aunt

I didn’t get a long run in Saturday because of yoga,¬†so when one of my November Project friends asked if anyone wanted to accompany her for part of her 22 mile loop, I decided to go. I met her at the BU bridge and we chatted our way down the esplanade and eventually turned back towards Brookline. Our pace was really consistent and the miles flew by.


Before I made plans¬†to run, I had already agreed to meet my aunt for a morning walk. My legs were¬†tired by the end–but my hamstring felt great!– and my stomach wasn’t happy (similar to how it used to feel after long marathon training runs last summer), so I spent the majority of the day laying in bed napping and preparing for the last few final interviews. By the time I went to bed, I had almost covered 40,000 steps!

Total: 37ish miles + 2 yoga classes 

This week was a LOT more active than normal but it also felt good to get into a routine again. I missed running with friends, taking yoga classes, and exploring Boston. The morning runs also helped me stay relaxed during the morning interviews. I’d rather run than spend all morning “cramming,” which would only make me more anxious. I should have some answers from a few places and a few last¬†interviews today so fingers crossed for me! While I’m away¬†I likely won’t run much, so this trip is coming at the perfect time.

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Workouts 9/5-9/11

I cut back the miles pretty significantly after last week’s high 40 miles¬†(the highest since the marathon last October!). I still got in a¬†lot¬†of activity though. The Newport half marathon is quickly approaching but I think I’m ready. I have two more weeks to really push the mileage- ideally I’ll be between 35-40- and then I’ll¬†have two weeks to “taper.” I’m going to be out of the country for 10 days and likely won’t be doing¬†much¬†running and when I get back the race will be less than a week away.

Mon– Walk with my mom

We were hoping to see some high surf, but the storm didn’t pick up until later in the evening when we were¬†already home.

Tues– 9 miles running

Again, I was hoping for some big waves downtown, but instead I got to see the aftermath. There were about 4 boats that had crashed onto the rocks which is actually less than I expected. It felt really eery out and started raining halfway through. I stopped at the marina on the way back for a quick boat ride with Fred (my college counselor/family friend/mentor/launch driver) to check on my boat. From there, I ran the last mile home.

hurricane boat

Wed– 5.1 miles running

My parents had someone coming to do some work on the house so I had to be home by 8 which meant cutting¬†my run short. I did more of a tempo run¬†(7:45 pace) which felt harder than it should have with the humidity back in full force. Overall though, another run around the island. It took awhile, but I feel like I’m getting used to running longer distances again (without stopping for an NP workout).

Thurs– 5.25 miles running w/ Kyndal + walk with my aunt

I had to be back in Boston Thursday morning for an interview so I headed back Wednesday night so I could go for a run with Kyndal in the morning! We talk all the time even though I’ve been staying in Rhode Island but it was nice to have a running buddy and catch up in person. It also helps calm those interview jitters. We did a loop around the esplanade and the time went by so quickly, I felt like we had only run a mile. After my interviews, I met up with my aunt for a quick walk before we grabbed dinner.

kyndal run esplanade

Fri– 10 miles NOVEMBER PROJECT!!

I had a bunch of interviews on Friday as well so I stayed in the city again. I hadn’t been to November Project in two weeks so I was practically jumping for joy being back. From my apartment, it’s about 3 miles each way and the workout was 4 miles of Summit Ave hill repeats. The humidity was back in full force making it feel way harder than it should have but I still squeaked out a 6 second PR of 34:39 for PR day.


Sat– Heart Walk in Boston with my mom and aunt

My family does the heart walk in Boston every year in memory of my uncle. This was the first time in 8¬†years I’ve been able to go, so I was excited to finally be in town for it. It was also the first time my mom came to Boston to see my new apartment so it was a great day all around.

Sun– Walk with my aunt

I was going to go back to Rhode Island Saturday after the heart walk but I have interviews today and tomorrow morning that I need to be in the city for so I decided it didn’t make sense to go home. My aunt and I went for a walk around the esplanade. It was a little shorter than my normal weekend walks in Rhode Island but my legs were pretty tired after a busy week so it was much appreciated.

Overall I’m happy with how the week went but I’m excited to get back into my routine with November Project and fenspeed this week! I’ve missed running with people so it’s good to be back in the city- even if I am still going back and forth to Rhode Island.

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Asking for Help

I almost titled this post “How to Network.” But then I realized I only had 3¬†things to say:

  1. Make friends with Kyndal. She knows everyone.
  2. Find a roommate in the same industry as you.
  3. Meet people in the social media world who understand the tech industry (hi Jenna).

I won’t sugarcoat it, the past two¬†weeks have been rough. I’ve tried to keep my days similar to the way they were when I had a job. I wake up between 6-7, run, eat, shower, and plop myself down at the counter from 9-5ish searching and applying for jobs. Last week I biked down to the beach for an hour or two most days for a mental break and then headed straight home to apply for more jobs until dinner. I shut my laptop after dinner just like I would if I was at work. As anxious as I am to find something, there’s no point in spending all night searching when the hiring managers aren’t there to read applications.

I want to say the hardest part is the waiting game. And that part is hard, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a patient person and I want a yes or no right away. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.

But the hardest part for me is asking for help. For probably the first time in my life, I’m in a situation that I can’t go through alone. I was raised to be a “career woman” like my mom. My focus has always been 100% on work (or school). While I’m close to my family, I’m also extremely independent and self-sufficient. I hate admitting¬†I need help because it means I can’t do something myself. Telling people I was laid off is embarrassing enough, even if¬†it had nothing to do with my character or ability, but having to rely on others for help finding¬†another job is even harder for me.

In this case,¬†I had¬†to swallow my pride. I don’t have time to waste. I have an apartment to pay for, food to buy, and car payments¬†to worry about. It’s not a good feeling to ask others to go out of their way, to introduce you to people at companies that might be a good fit, and to wonder if your skills and experience are enough. Add to that the pressure of getting through the lengthy interview process at several companies¬†before your severance runs out, and it becomes a stressful situation.

But what is even more shocking is how many friends of friends¬†are willing to go above and beyond. I’ve spoken to more people in the last two weeks¬†that I’ve never even met who are happy to not only talk to me about their company, but also help figure out which positions were a good fit. I’ve been blown away by the generosity of complete strangers. And things move¬†so¬†much faster this way, I’m finding. Lesson #1: ASK FOR HELP

This experience has been humbling if nothing else. I took a huge risk by leaving the safety net of AOL, a company¬†I adored, for a smaller, lesser-known¬†company. I wanted to be in Boston and I wanted an analyst position. It fit the bill so I accepted. I couldn’t have predicted the¬†outcome.¬†This time, my parents are reminding me¬†to be a bit more selective, to make sure I find a good fit for the long haul. I want to do this on my own and land on my own two feet. When you’re sitting at home all day, it doesn’t feel like there’s time to waste. On the other hand,¬†I’d also rather find somewhere¬†that I’ll be happy in a company I can grow with. Lesson #2: IT’S OKAY TO TAKE RISKS AND FAIL.

I’m hoping I have something locked down before I leave the country in two weeks (I already had plans to visit a friend). It’s scary and uncomfortable knowing there’s a chance I might have to eat up some of my savings to support myself. I’m still supporting myself financially, but having so much¬†family nearby is emotionally supportive. Being at home means fewer temptations to go out and do things that the city offers so I’m able to be a lot more frugal, but more than that, I can bounce ideas off my parents and feel a lot more relaxed than I would in an apartment that doesn’t feel like home yet.

It’s okay to take risks. It’s okay to admit to others that you need help.¬†And it’s okay to fail. I’m someone who likes to act like I have my sh!t together. Admitting that I don’t is extremely difficult for me. I’m so lucky¬†I’m near my family while I’m going through this, but I think this was a really important life lesson for me. Sometimes, you just can’t do it alone. I’m glad it didn’t happen later on in my career when I have a family, a mortgage, or something bigger to worry about. It’s not the end of the world and everything will be okay. I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason. And whatever is meant to happen will happen.

Do you have a hard time asking others for help?

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